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    1.5hp (1kW) 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor with Clutch

    Factory price 1.5 hp (1.1kW) asynchronous motor with clutch, operating voltages 380V 50Hz, running at the speed of 1250-125rpm. It offers wide speed control range, long service life advantages.
    SKU: ATO-AMWC-1000W
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    1.5 hp (1.1kW) 3-phase asynchronous motor with clutch with rated torque 7.1Nm, 380V, features of simple and rugged construction, low cost and easy operation. It can widely used in textile, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, food mining, paper making, plastic and other industries.


    Model ATO-YCT132-4A
    Capacity 1kW
    Rated Torque 7.1Nm
    Speed adjustable Range 1250-125r/min
    Speed Changing Rate 3%
    Rated Voltage 380V
    Installation B3
    Frequency 50Hz
    Phase 3 phase
    Certification CE, CCC, IS9001, IS2008
    IP Grade IP21
    Efficiency IE1/IE2/IE3
    Frame Cast Iron or aluminum
    Weight 85kg
    Ambient temperature -15℃~40℃
    Altitude not exceeding 1000 Meters
    Duty Continuous running
    Insulation Grade B
    Warranty 1 year

    Dimensions (mm)

    3 phase asynchronous motor dimensions3 phase asynchronous motor dimensions3 phase asynchronous motor dimensions

    Model YCT132-4A
    Mounting Dimension & Tolerance (mm) A Basic Size 216
    A/2 Basic Size 108
    WB Basic Size 241
    WC Basic Size 40
    Limit Size ±1.5
    D Basic Size 24
    Limit Tolerance +0.009   -0.004
    E Basic Size 50
    Limit Tolerance ±0.31
    F Basic Size 8
    Limit Tolerance 0
    G Basic Size 20
    Limit Tolerance 0
    H Basic Size 132
    Limit Tolerance 0
    K Basic Size 12
    Limit Tolerance ±0.43
    Position Tolerance Φ 1.0 
    Mounting Dimension & Tolerance (mm) AB 285
    AC 310
    AD 165
    HD 330
    L 535



    1000w Asynchronous Motor with Clutch Details

    Tips: The Application of 1.5hp (1kW) 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor with Clutch.

    Asynchronous motor is a kind of AC motor, the ratio of its speed at load to the frequency of the connected grid is not a constant relationship. It also varies with the size of the load. The higher the load torque, the lower the rotor speed.

    The stator winding of an ordinary asynchronous motor is connected to the AC grid, and the rotor winding does not need to be connected to other power sources. Therefore, it has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacturing, use and maintenance, reliable operation as well as smaller mass and lower cost. Asynchronous motor has high operating efficiency and good working characteristics, from no-load to full-load range close to constant speed operation, can meet the majority of industrial and agricultural production machinery transmission requirements. Asynchronous motor is also easy to generate a variety of protection types to adapt to the needs of different environmental conditions. Asynchronous motor operation, must draw reactive excitation power from the grid, so that the power factor of the grid becomes bad. Therefore, for driving ball mills, compressors and other high-power, low-speed mechanical equipment, often using synchronous motors. As the speed of asynchronous motor has a certain rotation difference relationship with its rotating magnetic field speed, its speed regulation performance is poor (except for AC commutator motor). For transportation machinery, rolling mills, large machine tools, printing, dyeing and paper making machinery, etc., which require a wide and smooth speed range, DC motors are more economical and convenient. However, with the development of high-power electronic devices and AC speed control system, the speed control performance and economy of asynchronous motors suitable for wide speed control are comparable to those of DC motors.

    Asynchronous motors are mainly used as motors, and their power ranges from 1 watts to tens thousands of kilowatts. They are the most widely used motors in various industries and people's daily lives in the national economy, providing power for a variety of mechanical equipment and household appliances. For example, machine tools, small and medium-sized steel rolling equipment, fans, water pumps, light industrial machinery, metallurgy and mining machinery, etc., are mostly driven by three-phase asynchronous motors.


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