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    15hp (11kW) 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor with Clutch

    Three phase 380V asynchronous motor with clutch with 15hp, speed adjustable range 150-125rpm, rated torque 69.1Nm, speed changing rate is 3%. Factory price 3 phase asynchronous motor with clutch has optimum structure, low noise, simple operation, and high protection class.
    SKU: ATO-AMWC-11000W
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    15hp/11kW synchronous motor with clutch at affordable price, running at 380V 50Hz, IP grade IP21, the altitude is less than 1000m and ambienttemperature is -15℃-+40℃.

    15hp (11kW) 3 Phase Asynchronous Motor with Clutch Specification

    Model ATO-YCT225-4A
    Capacity 11kW
    Rated Torque 69.1Nm
    Speed adjustable Range 1250-125r/min
    Speed Changing Rate 3%
    Rated Voltage 380V
    Installation B3
    Frequency 50Hz
    Phase 3 phase
    Certification CE, CCC, IS9001, IS2008
    IP Grade IP21
    Efficiency IE1/IE2/IE3
    Frame Cast Iron or aluminum
    Weight 420kg
    Ambient temperature -15℃~40℃
    Altitude not exceeding 1000 Meters
    Duty Continuous running
    Insulation Grade B
    Warranty 1 year

    15hp (11kW) 3 Phase Asynchronous Motor with Clutch Dimensions

    3 phase asynchronous motor dimensions3 phase asynchronous motor dimensions3 phase asynchronous motor dimensions



    11000w Asynchronous Motor with Clutch Details

    Tips: How to Check and Maintain the 15hp (11kW) 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor with Clutch?

    A. The motor cannot rotate after power is applied, but there is no strange sound, no smell and smoke.
    1. Cause of failure
    ① power is not on (at least two phases are not on).
    ②Fuse fused (at least two phases fused).
    ③ overcurrent relay is set too small.
    ④ control equipment wiring errors.
    2. Troubleshooting
    ① check the power circuit switch, fuse, junction box at whether there are broken points, repair.
    ② Check the fuse type, the reason for fusing, and change the new fuse.
    ③Adjust the relay adjustment value to match the motor.
    ④ Correct the wiring.
    B. The motor no-load current is not balanced, the three-phase phase difference is large
    1、Cause of failure
    ①When rewinding, the number of turns of stator three-phase winding is not equal.
    ② Wrong winding head and tail end connection.
    (iii) unbalanced power supply voltage.
    ④There is a short circuit between turns of the winding, coil reversal and other faults.
    2. Troubleshooting
    ① re-wind the sub-winding.
    ②Check and correct.
    ③ Measure the power supply voltage and try to eliminate the imbalance.
    ④Clear the winding fault.

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