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    1000 Watt 12V/24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger

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    Efficient 1000 Watt continuous power inverter / charger generates pure sine wave power from 12V DC or 24V DC battery bank, peak power up to 3000W. Affordable-price low frequency inverter with charger has selectable AC output voltages of 110V/120V or 220V/230V/240V, and 120V/240V split phase output also available, with protections against overload, over-temperature, low battery and overcharge, real-time LCD display, compact design and easy to install, ideal for powering most household appliances.
    SKU: ATO-PI-LW1000
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    1000 Watt off grid pure sine wave inverter / charger delivers reliable power from AC mains power or 12V/24V/48V DC battery source, low frequency type with transformer, UPS function. The reliable & efficient inverter / charger is ideal for powering refrigerators, TVs, fans, computers, audio/video components or other equipment, appliances and electronics. It is widely applied in wind generator, solar power system, house, vehicle, ship, navigation, mobile electricity work and telecommunications device, launch station and any places where the city power is needed.


    • 1000 Watt continuous output power and 3000 Watt peak power
    • Pure sine wave output, available for sensitive loads such as air conditioner, motor door, etc.
    • Fast and powerful inverter charger, 3-step progressive charging, 7 battery type selector
    • High power factor
    • Automatically transfer between battery and line mode
    • Microprocessor control guarantees the high reliability
    • Optional remote control function
    • Multi safety protections against over load, over temperature, over charging, and low battery
    • LCD digital display shows voltage, load and battery info in real time
    • Apply for split phase system, 2 live lines 1 neutral line, and voltage is 120V/240V

    1000W Inverter/Charger Specification

    Model LW1000
    Power 1000 Watt
    AC Input

    Phase Single Phase
    Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Voltage* 110V/120V AC or 220V/230V/240V AC
    Acceptable Voltage 95-126V AC or 194-253V AC±4%
    Low Line Disconnect 85V AC±4% or 184V AC±4%
    Low Line Re-connect 95V AC±4% or 194V AC±4%
    High Line Disconnect 136V AC±4% or 263V AC±4%
    High Line Re-connect 126V AC±4% or 253V AC±4%
    Frequency 50Hz: 41-54Hz or 60Hz: 51-64Hz (Auto detection)
    AC Output Phase & Waveform Single Phase & Pure Sine Wave (bypass mode sync to input)
    Voltage* 110V/120V AC or 220V/230V/240V AC
    120V/240V AC split phase output Also Available: L1+L2=240V, L1+N=120V, L2+N=120V
    Voltage Regulation ±10%rms (bypass mode sync to input)
    Frequency 50Hz±0.3Hz or 60Hz±0.3Hz (bypass mode sync to input)
    Peak Power 3 times of rating power (3000W)
    Short Circuit Protection Yes, shutdown after 10ms
    Power Factor 0.9-1.0
    Outlet Universal socket + wiring terminal block
    DC Input Battery Voltage* 12V DC 24V DC 48V DC
    Minimum Start Voltage 10V DC 20V DC 40V DC
    Low Battery Alarm 10.5±0.3V DC 21±0.6V DC 42±1.2V DC
    Low DC Input Shut-down 10±0.3V DC 20±0.6V DC 40±1.2V DC
    High DC Voltage Alarm & Fault 16±0.3V DC 32±0.6V DC 64±1.2V DC
    High DC Input Recovery 15.5±0.3V DC 31±0.6V DC 62±1.2V DC
    Max Charger Current 20A/35A/50A/75A/90A (According to the inverter model)
    Efficiency Line Mode >96%
    Battery Mode >85%
    General Power Saver Load ≤ 25W (Enabled on "P/S auto" setting of Remote control)
    Audible Alarm Sounding when the heat sink's temperature is over 105℃ and shutdown after 30 seconds.
    Over Load Protection 110%<load<150%, beeps 0.5s every 1s, and Fault after 60s.
    Load>150%, beeps 0.5s every 1s, and Fault after 20s.
    Protections Low battery, over charging, over temperature, over load
    Remote Control* Wired remote control (5m) for power on/off
    Indicators LCD display
    Operating Environment 0-40℃, 0-90%℃ RH (non-condensing)
    Protection Grade IP20
    Audible Noise <60dB
    Net Weight 15kg
    Dimension (LxWxH) 480×225×190mm

    * It can be selected in the drop-down list.


    1000Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger Details

    Inverter/Charger Working Principle & Applications

    power inverter charger working principle and applications

    Inverter Split-Phase Output Terminal Description

    Inverter Charger Split-Phase Output Terminal Connection

    Tips: What's the role of MPPT for Inverters?

    MPPT, or Maximum Power Point Tracking, refers to the inverters adjust the output power of photovoltaic arrays according to the different environmental temperature, illumination intensity and other characteristics to make the photovoltaic arrays always output the maximum power.

    Because of the external factors such as light intensity received by the solar cell and environment, the output power of inverter is changing. And more electricity the light intensity emits, the inverter with MPPT will make better use of the solar cell and make it run at the maximum power point. That is to say, the output power of the inverter with MPPT is higher than that without MPPT when the solar radiation is constant. This is the role of MPPT.

    Suppose that the output voltage of the component is 500V before MPPT starts tracking. After MPPT starts tracking, it begins to adjust the resistance of the circuit through the internal circuit structure, so as to change the output voltage of the component and the output current until it reaches the maximum output power (assuming 550V maximum), and then it keeps following. In this way, when the solar radiation is constant, the output voltage of the module at 550 V will be higher than that at 500V, which is the function of MPPT.

    Existing reviews of 1000 Watt 12V/24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger
    Pure Sine Wave Inverter battery usage
    1) If I select "lithium" battery, does that mean this unit will work with LiFePO batteries?  
    2) The users manual wiring diagram for a battery bank shows a unit with 2 positive and 2 negative connectors?  
    Will this unit work for a 48-volt bank composed of four 12-volt batteries wired in in series?
    From: abner | Date: 06/02/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. Yes, the device can be used with LiFePO batteries as long as the voltages match.
    2. Yes, this unit work for a 48-volt bank composed of four 12-volt batteries wired in in series.
    Normally there are only 2 terminals for connecting the battery voltage, one positive terminal and one negative terminal.
    Nice 1000 watt inverter charger
    This 1000 watt inverter charger is very suitable for my life and work. It's pure sine wave, which is nice. Low battery and overcharge, real-time LCD display. I will order more.
    From: Diggy | Date: 23/06/2022
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Impressive pure sine wave inverter charger
    This pure sine wave inverter charger seems work good. I have used it for 5 weeks and there is no any trouble. And it really has a good quality. Besides, the service is very good and they help me a lot in selecting the inverter charger.
    From: Judy | Date: 20/03/2022
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