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    180 hp (132 kW) Soft starter, 264 A, 3ph 220v/380v/480v

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    Favorable price 180 hp soft starter, 132 kW three phase 220v, 380v, 480v soft starter, control AC induction motor in soft start & soft stop, direct sale by manufacturer.
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    180 hp motor soft starter, 132 kW three phase 220v, 380v, 480v, 690v AC motor starter for selection.

    Model GS2-132 (220v, 240v), GS3-132 (380v, 400v, 415v), GS4-132 (460v, 480v), GS6-132 (575v, 690v).
    Capacity 180 hp (132 kw)
    Current 264 amps at 380v/480v, 560 amps at 220v, 180 amps at 690v
    Weight 21 kgs
    Dimension 525*257*194 mm
    Input Voltage Three-phase 240v, 415v, 480v, 690v AC
    Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
    Adaptive Motor Squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor
    Starting Times It is recommended not to exceed 20 times per hour.
    485 Communication DB9 interface, male plug, ① is RS485+, ⑥ is RS485-
    Control Mode
    1. Operation panel control.
    2. Operation panel + external control.
    3. External control.
    4. External control + COM control.
    5. Operation panel + external + COM control.
    6. Operation panel + COM control.
    7. COM control.
    8. No start or stop operation.
    Start Mode
    1. Current-limiting to start.
    2. Voltage ramp to start.
    3. Torque control + current-limiting to start.
    4. Torque control + voltage ramp to start.
    5. Current ramp to start.
    6. Voltage current-limiting double closed-loop start.
    Stop Mode
    1. Soft stop.
    2. Free stop.
    Protective Function
    1. Open loop protection for external instantaneous stop terminals.
    2. Over-heat protection for soft starter.
    3. Protection for too long starting time.
    4. Input open phase protection.
    5. Output open phase protection.
    6. Unbalanced three-phase protection.
    7. Starting over current protection.
    8. Running overload protection.
    9. Under voltage protection for power voltage.
    10. Overvoltage protection for power voltage.
    11. Protection for fault parameter setting of the soft starter.
    12. Load short circuit protection.
    13. Auto restart or incorrect wiring protection.
    14. Incorrect wiring protection of external control stop terminals.
    Ambient Place to be used Indoor location with good ventilation free from corrosive gas and conductive dust.
    Altitude Below 1000M. It has to increase the soft starter rate power when the altitude is more than 1000M.
    Temperature -30 +55 oC
    Humidity 90%RH without dew condensation.
    Vibration <0.5G
    Structure Enclosure IP 20
    Cooling Natural wind cooling.



    110KW Soft Starters Details

    Tips: Soft starter parameter adjustment
    It is very important to adjust the various parameters reasonably when applying the soft starter. If the parameter is improperly adjusted, it may cause the failure to start and cause damages to the equipment in severe case.

    1. Adjustment of the reference voltage
      The reference voltage is the basic condition for the device to start. The reference voltage is required to allow the motor to rotate immediately after the voltage is applied and the load starts to start. If the motor does not rotate after the pressurization, it is necessary to increase the reference voltage setting value, if the motor starts too fast, it is necessary reduce the reference voltage setting value. The reference voltage shall be adjusted in several times until the load is started immediately after the voltage is applied.
    2. Starting time adjustment
      The motor's acceleration torque is directly related to the start-up time. The electronic soft starter allows the motor to start from the initial voltage to the full voltage along the ramp during the set time (0.5 to 2408). The start-up time adjustment depends on the load, and it is necessary to repeat the test in several times to achieve uniform acceleration during the start-up time.
    3. Soft stop application
      The soft starter allows the output voltage to be gradually reduced to achieve a soft stop to protect the device, such as the water induction in the water pump, when the pump suddenly stops and the movement inertia of liquid in the pipeline will cause the skyrocket of the pressure of the pipeline and the valve, resulting in pipeline damage. If the stopping time is extended by soft parking, the impact problem can be solved.

    Soft Starter Works with a Bypass Contactor

    Soft starter works with a bypass contactor saving energy by eliminating thyristor losses during the run. The bypass contactor shunts the current flowing through the soft starter switch circuit to reduce heat accumulation in the soft starter power electronics during motor operation. This provides maximum efficiency and prolongs the life of soft-start switching components because they only work during the start and stop cycles of the motor.

    How to Change the Soft Starter Rated Current

    Existing reviews of 180 hp (132 kW) Soft starter, 264 A, 3ph 220v/380v/480v
    Fantastic Soft Starter
    I have been using the Soft starter(132kw) for 3months and I haven't had any issue.  It is not only durable but capable at any given time. I highly recommend it and just buy it without any hesitation.
    From: Gris | Date: 15/03/2022
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