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    2 Pin Limit Micro Switch, 1NC+1NO

    The 2 pin limit micro switch is a versatile and reliable component that can be used in a variety of industrial applications. Waterproof micro switch has one normally closed (NC) and one normally open (NO) contact, providing flexible switching options for different control systems.
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    The 2 pin limit microswitch contact is 1 NC+ 1 NO and is rated up to 125V/250V and 3A respectively. Limit micro switches feature flexible switching options and rugged construction, it is widely used in automation, mechanical and robotics applications.


    • Model: ATO-MS-08
    • Rating: 3A 125/250VAC
    • Contact Resistance: 500mΩ Max
    • Insulation Resistance: >100MQ DC500V
    • Withstand Voltage: AC 1500V, 1min
    • Soldering Temperature: 235±5°C, 5s
    • Mechanical Life: 1000,000 Cycles
    • Electrical Life: Ambient Temperure: -25°C to +105°C
    • Ambient Humidity:<85% at +40°C
    • Operating Force: 60-100gf max
    • Contact Type: 1NC+1NO


    • 2 Pin limit micro switches are typically very small and compact, making them easy to install in tight spaces.
    • Limit micro switches require very little force to activate, which makes them ideal for use in applications where a light touch is required.
    • Snap action switches are designed to be very precise and accurate, ensuring that they activate only when the intended motion or object comes into contact with them.
    • 1NC+1NO limit micro switches require very little force to activate, which makes them ideal for use in applications where a light touch is required.

    Dimension (Unit mm)

    Micro switch with bent lever dimension


    Limit micro switch details


    Micro switches, also known as snap-action switches, are a kind of small low force switches. Micro switches have a wide range of applications including industrial machinery, appliances, automotive systems, etc. Microswitches are compatible with a wide variety of voltages and currents, making them a flexible and versatile choice for many different applications.

    Limit micro switch applications

    Tips: How does a micro switch work?

    A micro switch, also known as a snap-action switch, is an electrical switch that is activated by a small amount of physical force. It consists of a small lever or button, a spring, and a set of electrical contacts.

    When the lever or button is pressed, it compresses the spring, which in turn causes the contacts to close. When the force on the lever or button is removed, the spring returns to its original position, and the contacts open again.

    Micro switches are often used in control systems where a precise and reliable switching action is required. They are commonly used in appliances, automotive applications, and industrial machinery.

    The design of the micro switch ensures that the switch's electrical contacts are opened or closed very quickly, making it suitable for applications where a fast and precise switching action is required. Additionally, micro switches are often designed to be very durable, able to withstand millions of switching cycles.

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