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    20μF 450V Ceiling Fan Capacitor

    Square ceiling fan capacitor with rated voltage of 450V AC and capacity of 20μF, strong voltage resistance and low loss, fan capacitor is widely used in pedestal fans, ventilating fans, motors, generators, etc.
    SKU: ATO-FC-CBB61-200
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    Cheap pedestal fan capacitor for sale, capacity value 50 mfd, tolerance ±5%, rated voltage 450V AC, dimensions 68 x 30 x 40mm, the residual voltage of the capacitor at the time of putting in cannot exceed 10% of the rated voltage.


    • Model: ATO-FC-CBB61-200
    • Capacity: 20μF
    • Rated Voltage: 450V
    • Tolerance: ±5%
    • Withstand Voltage: 2. 0 Un (2s)
    • Loss: (DF)≤0.0010 100Hz
    • Insulation Resistance: CxRs≥3000S (23℃, 1000VDC, 1min)
    • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Climate Category: 40/105/21
    • Scope of Application: Start, run
    • Appearance: Rectangular
    • Lead Out Method: Cord, pin, insert
    • Dielectric Material: Organic thin film
    • Dimension: 68(W) x 30(L) x 40(H)mm
    • Certificate: CE, CQC

    20μF Ceiling Fan Capacitor Wiring Diagram

    Ceiling fan capacitor circuit diagram

    Ceiling Fan Capacitor Details

    Ceiling fan capacitor detail

    Tips: How to choose capacitors for home fans?

    The capacitor of electric fan is generally about 1.2~2.5 uf or so, and the specific situation is determined by the power and rotational speed of the electric fan. For a decorative electric fan used at home, you can choose a capacitor of 1.2-1.5, which has a small speed and small air volume to regulate the air flow in the room. However, when using industrial ceiling fans in factories or offices, you can choose a capacitor of about 2.5uf, with fast speed and high air volume.

    When replacing the capacitor, you need to choose a product with consistent specifications. After all, its size will affect the use of the ceiling fan. If the capacitor is too large, although it starts quickly, but the current through the motor is very high, heating up very high, not only will shorten the life of the motor, but also burn the motor. Conversely, you should not choose a capacitor that is too small either.

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