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    6μF 450V Ceiling Fan Capacitor

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    Small ceiling fan capacitor with a capacity value of 6μF, model CBB61, capacitance tolerance 5%, rated frequency 50/60Hz, used to start and stop all kinds of fans, air conditioners, hoods, and pumps.
    SKU: ATO-FC-CBB61-060
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    The 450V ceiling fan capacitor is made of metallized polypropylene film sheet with a temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant plastic housing, rated capacity of 6 mfd, ideal for starting and working single-phase motors in 50Hz/60Hz AC power systems.


    • Model: ATO-FC-CBB61-060
    • Capacity: 6μF
    • Rated Voltage: 450V
    • Tolerance: ±5%
    • Withstand Voltage: 2. 0 Un (2s)
    • Loss: (DF)≤0.0010 100Hz
    • Insulation Resistance: CxRs≥3000S (23℃, 1000VDC, 1min)
    • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Climate Category: 40/105/21
    • Scope of Application: Start, run
    • Appearance: Rectangular
    • Lead Out Method: Cord, pin, insert
    • Dielectric Material: Organic thin film
    • Dimension: 48(W) x 20.5(L) x 35(H)mm
    • Certificate: CE, CQC

    6μF Ceiling Fan Capacitor Wiring Diagram

    Ceiling fan capacitor circuit diagram

    Ceiling fan capacitor details

    Ceiling fan capacitor detail

    Tips: Role of metallized film capacitors

    Metallized film capacitors have a so-called self-recovery effect, i.e., if a small part of the electrode is short-circuited due to the fragility of the electrical boundary, the electrode metal around the short-circuited part will be restored to insulation by melting and evaporating a larger area due to the electrostatic energy or short-circuit current carried by the capacitor at that time, so that the capacitor can resume its role as a capacitor again.

    Existing reviews of 6μF 450V Ceiling Fan Capacitor
    Fan capacitors improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning components.
    We have been using this 6μF fan capacitor for 2 months now and the fan capacitor has proven to be a reliable and efficient component in our HVAC system. Since installing the capacitor, we have seen a significant improvement in the performance and energy efficiency of our air conditioning units.
    From: Rokyd | Date: 14/02/2023
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