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    20 kVA Isolation Transformer, Single phase, 240V to 208V

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    The 20 kVA capacity transformer from ATO is safety and isolation single phase transformer, it can step down 240 volt input voltage to output 208 volt, can step up 208 volt to 240 volt as well. This good price isolation transformer provides enhanced electrical isolation between the line supply and the application.
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    ATO-DG20KVA single phase isolation transformer is 20 kVA capacity, applies to AC 50/ 60Hz, convert 240V voltage to 208V voltage. It has natural air self cooling mode, primary and secondary windings are separated by aluminum shield, long life span and high efficiency.
    Isolation transformers serve as secure power sources and are commonly employed in machine repair and maintenance to provide protection, prevent damage from lightning, and filter out electrical disturbances. Here is a demonstration video of a single phase isolation transformer.

    20 kVA Isolation Transformer Specifications

    Basic Specifications

    • Model: ATO-DG20kVA
    • Capacity: 20kVA
    • Phase: Single phase
    • Winding Material: Aluminum/Copper wire (Optional)
    • Work Efficiency: ≥95%
    • Primary Voltage: 240V AC (Optional: 110V/ 120V/ 208V/ 220V/ 230V)
    • Secondary Voltage: 208V AC (Optional: 110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V)
    • Weight: 141 kg

    Technical Specifications

    • Cooling Mode: Natural or air cooling
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥50 MΩ
    • Electrical Strength: 2000V AC/1 min
    • Noise: ≤35dB (1 meter)
    • Insulation Grade: Grade B (130℃), Grade F (155℃), Grade H (180℃)
    • Overload Capacity: Allow more than 1.2 times rated load to work for up to 1 hour
    • Induced Overvoltage Withstand Test: 125Hz/800V/min
    • Impedance Voltage: About 6%
    • Total Losses: 10%
    • Certification: CE, ISO
    • Temperature: -15℃~+45℃
    • Enclosure Protection Grade: IP20
    • Warranty: 12 months


    Single Phase Isolation Transformer Schematic Diagram
    DG isolation transformer schematic diagram


    Single phase isolation transformer details

    Tips: What are the differences among a transformer, a voltage stabilizer and a voltage regulator?

    A transformer can control the unstable voltage in a certain voltage range and protect the equipment from being damaged. A voltage regulator converts a specific voltage to the needed voltage of an equipment, each equipment should be equipped with a voltage regulator to prevent from burning out equipment caused by excessive voltage change. A voltage stabilizer is used to stabilize the voltage. Generally, a voltage regulator is a kind of test equipment that can change the voltage, while a voltage stabilizer can only adjust the voltage in a certain range. The voltage regulator can adjust the high voltage, but can’t insulate it, while the transformer is generally used to isolate, such as the isolation transformer, the transformer can be used to step up or step down the voltage. A voltage stabilizer is just a way to stabilize the voltage.


    1-phase isolation transformer dimension

    Aluminium Wire Transformer Size

    Without Enclosure: a*b*c=330*300*470mm

    Mouting Size: D*E=170*160mm (aperture: 20*10mm)

    With Enclosure: A*B*C=420*610*610mm

    Copper Wire Transformer Size

    Without Enclosure: a*b*c=300*370*345mm

    Mouting Size: D*E=210*190mm (aperture: 20*10mm)

    With Enclosure: A*B*C=420*610*610mm


    360 Days warranty

    Thank you for buying industrial automation products on, all products sold by ATO and the partner cover a 360-days-warranty, effective from the date of receiving the products.

    What is covered?

    ATO is responsible for providing free spare parts, free technical support to assist the customer to repair the defective products until the problem is solved.

    What is not covered?

    • Product purchased from anyone other than ATO store or a ATO authorized reseller.
    • Expendable parts.
    • Routine cleaning or normal cosmetic and mechanical wear.
    • Damage from misuse, abuse or neglect.
    • Damage from use of parts other than ATO approved.
    • Damage from use outside the product’s usage or storage parameters.
    • Damage from use of parts not sold by ATO.
    • Damage from modification or incorporation into other products.
    • Damage from repair or replacement of warranted parts by a service provider other than a ATO authorized service provider.
    • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.
    Existing reviews of 20 kVA Isolation Transformer, Single phase, 240V to 208V
    Purchased your 20 kVA isolation transformer.
    I purchased your 20 kVA isolation transformer 3 phase from 208V primary to 380V secondary (3phase   neutral   ground). We are currently using this transformer for a machine that pulls 7 kW and want to use another machine that pulls 8 kW. My question is, can we double lug, or pull two loads off the secondary side from this one transformer?
    From: Annette | Date: 27/07/2022
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    ATO Responded
    You can double lug, directly using the two devices, but pls make sure the power is not overloaded.
    Installation location of 20kVA isolation transformer
    Can your 20Kva isolation transformer be installed in the wall?
    From: Staley | Date: 27/05/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, our isolation transformer can be installed on the wall if there will be a fixed mounting bracket.
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