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    25 hp (20 kW) 3 Phase AC Output Line Reactor for VFD

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    25 hp output line reactor for VFD, rated current 50 amps, 3 phase voltage with 220V, 380V, 400V, 410V, 440V, 460V or 480V for choice, work frequency is 50/60Hz. Easy and quick installation, low prices direct from the manufacturer.
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    25 hp output line reactor is used to extend the effective transmission distance of the inverter, 50A. Materials are divided into copper and aluminum, effectively suppress the instantaneous high voltage generated when the IGBT module of the inverter is switched, reduce the noise of the motor.

    Line Reactor for VFD Specifications

    Basic Model ATO-OCR-0050-0M14-0.4SC
    Phase 3 Phase
    Weight 4.5kg
    Technical Parameters Power 25 hp (20 kW)
    Rated Current 50A
    Inductance Value 0.14mH
    Voltage Drop 1%
    Insulation Rank Class F, H
    Work Voltage 380V (optional: 220V/ 240V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V/ 460V/ 480V)
    Material Copper or Aluminum
    Work Frequency 50/60Hz
    Carrier Frequency 2-8KHz
    Voltage Drop ≤4﹪higher than the range will cause the loss of torque
    Insulation Resistor ≥100MΩ
    Protection Class IP00-IP22
    Max Current 1.5 times rated the current continues 60s
    Noise ≤65db
    Working Environment Temperature Rise ≤85k
    Altitude ≤2000m
    Running Ambient Temperature -25℃~+45℃
    Relative Humidity ≤90%RH, without condensation

    3-Phase Output Line Reactor Mounting Dimension

    2hp 3 phase output reactor

    L D W W1 H A×B
    155 95 140 76 135 6×15

    25 hp 3-Phase Output Line Reactor Circuit Diagram

    3 phase output line reactor circuit diagram

     How to solve the screw extraction of ascending flange base of high voltage bushing of line reactor?  

    The vibration frequency of body is not in line with that of grading ring. Owing to the damping of transformer oil, grading ring has a low vibration frequency. And owing to single point welding and aluminum sheet welding, it has a poor mechanical strength. The long-term operation, the vibration brought by the inconsistent vibration frequency of earth tag of line reactor (aluminum, welding) and grading ring causes metal fatigue and cracks. Solution: fix ascending flange base and body to reduce free-running vibration.

    Existing reviews of 25 hp (20 kW) 3 Phase AC Output Line Reactor for VFD
    Output line reactor filtering is great
    25 hp output line reactor worked well and the terminals were solid. After being installed, my inverter was stabilized, and the voltage of the inverter was well controlled.
    From: Ryan | Date: 26/10/2018
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