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    Digital Torque Meter for Dynamic Torque/Speed/Power, 5 digit

    Digital torque meter with 3-channel 5 digit LED can real-time display dynamic torque, speed and power value. The measuring range of torque can be -99999~99999 Nm (display value is 0~99999 Nm). Digital panel meter for rotary torque sensor has power supply AC 220V, measuring speed 25 times/s, output analog signal 4-20mA, optional communication output RS485/RS232, optional external power supply DC 15V/24V.
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    Digital torque meter can be used for measuring dynamic torque, speed and power at the same time, has functions such as zero tracking, low/high alarm and peak value display.


    Basics Model ATO-DPM-RTS5D
    Dimension 160*80*170mm horizontal, hole size 152*76mm
    Shipping weight 2 kg
    Technical parameters Display Measuring range of torque: -99999~99999 Nm
    Display value of torque: 0~99999 Nm
    Display value of speed: 0~99999 rpm
    Display value of power: 0~99999 kW
    Measuring resolution Meter resolution: 1/1000000, display resolution: 1/120000
    Measuring speed 25 times/second
    Display method 3-channel 5 digit LED display
    Meter power supply 220VAC, 50/60Hz
    Input signal Various pulse signal: NPN, PNP, OC gate output signal of sensors, proximity sensors, rotary encoders
    Measuring frequency Input pulse of torque: 5kHz~15kHz
    Input pulse of speed: 0.3Hz~20kHz
    Alarm Three alarm outputs for L/H alarm
    Analog signal output 2-channel DC 4-20mA output signals (resolution: 1/4000, error: <0.2%FS, load capacity: ≤600Ω, optical isolation)
    Communication output* RS485 or RS232 (optical isolation)
    External power supply * ±15VDC or 24VDC (≥300mA, provide power supply for torque sensor)
    Working environment Temperature: -10~+70℃ (14~158℉), humidity: 0~90%RH (no condensation)

    Wiring diagram:
    Digital torque meter for dynamic torque/speed/power wiring diagram

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