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    3 kW 48V BLDC Motor Controller for Electric Vehicle

    The 48V BLDC EV motor controller has a rated power of 3000W, a rated voltage of 48V, supports CAN-BUS, RS485, UART, and other communication protocols. Electric vehicle motor controller is ideal for electric ships, electric vehicles, and electric motorcycles.
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    3 kW brushless electric vehicle motor controller for sale, rated voltage 48V, maximum voltage 75V. EV controller adopts ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4 core and PC material V-0 flame-retardant housing to ensure the stable and reliable quality of electric vehicle brushless motor controller.


    • Model:¬†ATO-EZ-A48400
    • Rated Voltage: 48V
    • Rated Power: 3kW
    • Max Voltage: 75V
    • Max Phase Current: 400A
    • Rated Phase Current: 160A
    • Max Bus Current: 200A
    • Weight: 3.2kg


    • 3 kW BLDC¬†electric car motor controller has built-in Bluetooth, which can monitor the status of the controller in real-time with the host software.
    • 48V motor controller supports communication protocols: CAN-BUS, RS485, UART, etc.
    • Electric car motor controller has the support of automatic motor matching.
    • Electric car motor controller is compatible with various motor sensors: Hall, photoelectric encoder, magnetic encoder, etc.
    • Precise bus current control to protect controller battery life from over-discharge.
    • Motor controller torque, speed, and power can be set individually.
    • Integrated DC contactor control circuits, and other modes are also available.

    Wiring Diagram with DC Contactor

    Wiring diagram with dc contactor

    Wiring Diagram without DC Contactor

    Wiring diagram without dc contactor

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Electric vehicle motor controller dimension


    3 kW electric vehicle motor controllers are suitable for cars, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, UTVs and yachts.

    Application of electric vehicle motor controller

    Tips: What is the control system of an electric vehicle?

    The most complex and important system in an electric vehicle is the control system. The control system is responsible for managing the operation of the electric vehicle. The control system receives input from the operator, controller feedback signals from the motor controller and motor, and feedback signals from other systems within the EV. The control system must receive data from other systems in milliseconds, process the data algorithmically, and output a response to a given condition at a rate that is fast. This requires the control system to have a microprocessor, like a computer, to perform its tasks. Although no two control systems are exactly alike, most feedback signals are similar.

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