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    30 amp Fuse & Fuse Holder, 1000V/1500V DC

    30A solar fuse is a fast-acting fuse used in photovoltaic (PV) systems. DIN rail fuse holder for easy installation and replacement. 1000V/1500V DC fuse provides overcurrent protection, fault protection, fire protection, and supports safe maintenance procedures.
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    The provided 30 amp electrical fuse is a fast blow fuse for solar PV power generation systems. Low price 1000V/1500V DC fuse features a DIN rail mount fuse holder to protect against overcurrent conditions, faults, and fire hazards.


    • Model: ATO-ZYPV-30
    • Fuse Core Size: 10x38mm or 10x85mm
    • Working Current: 30A
    • Rated Voltage: 1000V DC/1500V DC
    • Fire Extinguishing Medium: High Silica Quartz Sand
    • Temperature Range: -40℃~+90℃
    • Fuse Tube Material: 95% High Strength Alumina Porcelain
    • Shell Material: Nylon
    • Melting Core Material: Silver Plated strip
    • Breaking Capacity: 20kA
    • Time Constant: 1~3ms
    • Fuse Core Standard: GB/T 13539.6


    • DC Fuse for Solar: It is a solar fuse that consists of a 30 amp DC fuse and a DIN rail fuse holder, equipped with a PV-specific flame-retardant housing material.
    • Two-Stage Spring Buckle: The solar PV fuse has a midway stop function, which is convenient for installing and removing the product.
    • 95 Alumina Porcelain Core: It has low-temperature rise and strong arc extinguishing performance.
    • Multiple Cooling Holes On The Side: This can enhance the air circulation inside the DC fuse, which is suitable for various high-temperature environments.

    Installation Method

    Fuse holder installation method


    DC fuse dimension


    ATO DC fuse with a fuse holder is specifically designed for use in solar power systems operating on direct current (DC). Its primary purpose is to provide overcurrent and short-circuit protection within the system. By interrupting the circuit when the current exceeds safe levels, the PV fuse prevents damage to solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, inverters, and other components.

    Fuse applications

    Tips: What are the consequences of using a DC fuse with a current rating that is too low for the circuit?

    • Nuisance Tripping: If the current rating of the DC fuse is set too low, it may cause frequent and unnecessary interruptions in the circuit, known as nuisance tripping. Even under normal operating conditions, the fuse may continuously blow or melt, resulting in an unreliable system that disrupts the flow of current and potentially affects the functionality of connected devices.
    • Inadequate Protection: A DC fuse with a current rating that is too low for the circuit may not provide sufficient protection against overcurrent conditions. In the event of a fault or excessive current flow, the fuse may not be able to handle the load and may fail to interrupt the circuit, potentially leading to damage to the electrical components, overheating, or even fire hazards. This compromises the safety and reliability of the electrical system.
    • Component Failure: Using an undersized DC fuse can subject the electrical components and devices in the circuit to higher currents than they are designed to handle. Over time, this can cause stress and overheating, leading to premature failure of the components, reduced lifespan, and increased maintenance costs. The inadequate protection provided by the fuse increases the risk of damaging valuable equipment.
    • Safety Hazards: Inadequate protection from an undersized DC fuse can pose safety hazards. The higher currents flowing through the circuit due to the inadequate protection may cause overheating, leading to the risk of electrical fires, melting insulation, or even electrical shocks. The safety of personnel and the surrounding environment can be compromised if the circuit is not adequately protected.
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