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    63 amp 3 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker

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    63 amp 10kA mini circuit breaker is intended for the short circuit and overload protection in the 50Hz AC circuit, 230/400V AC supply. 3 pole MCB in accordance with IEC standard, c-curve trip characteristic to suit most applications.
    SKU: ATO-MCB-3P63
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    Circuit Breaker Information

    • Rated Current: 63A
    • Rated Voltage: 230/400V AC, 50Hz
    • Number of poles: Three pole
    • 6 kA excellent short circuit breaking capacity
    • Suitable for overload and short circuit protection
    • IP 20 finger safe design and 35mm DIN rail mountable
    • C curve trip characteristic gives you the ability to configure the exact protection scheme you required

    Technical Data

    Model ATO-NB8-633PC63
    Electrical Parameters Height 86 mm
    Width 18 mm per pole
    Mounting DIN Rail
    Rated Current (In) 63A
    Number of poles 3P
    Rated Voltage (Ue) 230/400V
    Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) 500V
    Dielectric Test Voltage 2000V
    Rated Frequency 50Hz
    Short Circuit Interrupting Capacity 6KA
    Trip Characteristic C Curve (5-10In)
    Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity 6000A
    Operating Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity 6000A
    Mechanical Parameters Electrical Life 10000 times
    Mechanical Life 20000 times
    Flame Retardant Grade V0
    Protection Degree Direct installation: IP20B
    Installed in the distribution box: IP40B
    Calibration Temperature 30℃
    Operating Temperature -35℃~+70℃
    Storage Temperature -35℃~+85℃
    Tightening Torque 2 N.m
    Max. Tolerable Torque 2.5 N.m
    Terminal Size Acceptability–Min/Max 1 mm2 / 25mm2
    Wire Insertion Depth 13mm

    Circuit Breaker Dimension (Unit: mm)

    63 amp 3 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Dimensions


    3 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Details

    Tips: Difference between circuit breaker and contactor
    Circuit breaker plays a protective role in extinguish arc and disconnecting circuit. Contactor refers that coil is used for the on-off control of circuit. When contactor is charged, the circuit that is normally connected will be cut off and the circuit that is normally closed will be connected.

    1. Circuit breaker is mainly used for protection and its common protections include overload protection, short circuit short delay and short circuit delay. In addition, there are other protections that depend on brand and model, including under-voltage, over-voltage etc. Switch can be manually operated or electric-driven. Installation modes are various such as fixed installation and drawer etc. According to current and working voltage level, they can be divided into many types.
    2. Contactor mostly used in the industrial control is mainly introduced into manufacturing television. Of course, it also can be used in heater and double power switch. The on-off control of contactor is achieved by controlling coil voltage. According to different arc structures, they can be divided into vacuum contactor and standard contactor. According to different control voltage, they can be categorized into direct current contactor and alternating current contactor and its main accessories are auxiliary contactor.
    Existing reviews of 63 amp 3 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker
    Good for the solar.
    I bought this 3 pole miniature circuit breaker to isolate the solar panels from the system with doing maintenance. The small DIN rail worked perfectly for our application. Good for the solar.
    From: Mccurry | Date: 27/10/2022
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    Great MCB, fast shipping.
    Purchased this 3 pole miniature circuit breaker as a switch on the side of my photovoltaic charge controller. The DIN rail is wide enough for me to install. Great product, fast shipping, high quality. I would definitely buy this breaker again.
    From: Annette | Date: 30/05/2022
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