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    800W 48V 1500rpm 5Nm DC Servo Motor

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    Powerful 800W brushless DC servo motor for sale, it features 110mm compact flange size and IP55 rated protection, 22A current at 48V DC, feedback with attached 2500PPR incremental encoder. It's a good solution in applications that need low rotation speed of 1500rpm and high holding torque of 5Nm.
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    Safe & reliable 48V DC servo motor, brushless design, 800W power rating, 1500rpm rated speed, no-load speed up to 1700rpm, allowing for a holding torque of 5Nm, peak torque up to 17.9Nm. It is widely used in factory automation, embroidery machines, printing machinery, CNC machine, wood carving and other fields.

    ATO DC Servo Motor Features

    • IP55 protection grade and F class insulation structure
    • Optimized winding end structure, minimized copper loss and iron loss, small size, light weight, low temperature rise and high efficiency (85%)
    • Super coercivity, using NdFe35 permanent magnet material, strong anti-demagnetization ability, stable motor performance
    • Low noise, low vibration, low moment of inertia
    • High torque, fast dynamic response, wide speed range, strong overload capacity (4 times)

    800W DC Servo Motor Specifications

    Model ATO-110AS0408-15
    Flange Size 110mm
    Weight 7kg
    Rated Power 800W
    Rated Voltage 48V
    Rated Current 22A
    Rated Torque 5Nm
    Peak Torque 17.9Nm
    Rated Speed 1500rpm
    No-load Speed 1700rpm
    Incremental Encoder Line 2500PPR
    Line Resistance 0.11Ω
    Armature Inductance 50μH
    Torque Constant 0.23Nm/A
    Brake Apparatus Voltage 24V DC, brake release when powered
    Motor Lead Length 1 meter
    Back EMF 15.6vkr/min
    Rotary Inertia 740Kg.m2x10-6
    Efficiency 85%
    Protection Grade IP55
    Insulation Class Class F
    Certification CE, ISO
    Warranty  12 months
    Working Temperature -25℃~+55℃
    Altitude Under 1000m
    Humidity <90%RH, (no dewing)

    Wiring Definition

    Motor Encoder Brake
    MA/U MB/V MC/W 5V A B Z Hall A/U Hall B/V Hall C/W Shielded Wire Two Cables, Nonpolar
    Red Gray Green Yellow Brown Blue Orange
    Yellow Green Blue 0V A- B- Z- Hall A/U- Hall B/V- Hall C/W- Black (thick)
    Black White/Gray White/Green White/Yellow White/Brown White/Blue White/Orange

    800W 48V DC Servo Motor Dimension (Unit=mm)

    800w 48v dc servo motor size

    800W 48V DC Servo Motor Speed-Torque Curve

    800w dc servo motor speed torque curve

    Tips for using a servo motor

    Oil and water protection of servo motor

    1. Servo motors can be used in places that may be invaded by water or oil droplets, but they are not completely waterproof or oil-proof. Therefore, servo motors should not be placed or used in water or oil-invaded environment.
    2. When the servo motor is connected to a reduction gear, the oil seal should be added in the use of the servo motor to prevent the oil from entering the servo motor.
    3. The cables of the servo motor should not be immersed in oil or water.

    Cables of servo motor

    1. Ensure that the cable is not subjected to moment or vertical load due to external bending force or its own weight, especially at the outlet or connection of the cable.
    2. When the servo motor is moving, the cable (the one configured with the motor) should be firmly fixed to a stationary part (relative to the motor), and it should be extended by an additional cable installed in the cable support, so that the bending stress can be minimized.
    3. The diameter of cable elbow should be as large as possible.
    Existing reviews of 800W 48V 1500rpm 5Nm DC Servo Motor
    800W 48V 1500rpm 5Nm DC Servo Motor
    Hello, i was wondering, what equipment do i need to run this motor? The motor needs an encoder that is built into the motor so where does that connect to? Thanks very much.
    From: Akim | Date: 04/09/2021
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    ATO Responded
    1. We have a motor controller to run the motor.
    2. The encoder is connected to the rear shaft of the motor.
    3. Wait for our technical staff to send you information for reference.
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