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    Benchtop Sodium Ion Meter

    Cost-effective benchtop sodium ion meter for sale online. It is a laboratory instrument designed for precise measurement of sodium ion concentrations in aqueous solutions. This ion meter employs ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) that selectively respond to sodium ions, generating a measurable electrical potential.
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    When the ISE generates a voltage proportional to the sodium ion concentration, the ion meter then converts this voltage into a concentration reading, providing accurate and reliable results. Benchtop sodium ion meters are widely used in various scientific and industrial applications, including environmental monitoring, food and beverage analysis, and medical research.


    Model ATO-ION-DWS-51
    Level 0.05
    Measuring Range pNa: (0.00~9.00) pNa
    Na+: (2.3x10-2~2.3x107)μg/L
    Temperature of Test Solution (0~50)°C

    Electronic Unit Accuracy

    pNa: 0.02 pNa
    Conversion error of pNa and Na+: +3% reading
    Accuracy of Meter +0.05pNa
    Input Current of Electronic Unit ≤5x10-12A
    Input Impedance of Electronic Unit ≥5x1011Ω
    Error of Temperature Compensation ±0.03 pNa
    Repeatability Error of Electronic Unit ≤0.01 pNa
    Repeatability Error of Meter ≤0.03 pH
    Repeatability of Electronic Unit ≤0.02 pNa/3h
    Power Supply AC (220±22)V, (50±1) Hz
    Dimension 290x210x95mm
    Weight 1.5kg
    Normal Working Conditions a) Ambient temperature: (0~40)°C
    b) Relative humidity:85%
    c) Power supply: DC power adapter (9V DC)
    d) There is no vibration which affects performance nearby
    e) There is no corrosive gas nearby
    f) There is no magnetic interference except field
    Standard Electrode ATO-6801-01 Sodium ISE
    ATO-6802-01 Reference Electrode
    Standard Electrode Measurement Range pNa: (0.00~9.00) pNa
    Na+: (2.3x10-2~2.3x107)μg/L
    Other Standard Accessories Universal Power Cord, 1 Piece
    REX-3 Electrode Holder, 1 Piece
    Fuse φ 5*20 0.25A, 2 Pieces
    Dust Cover (Medium), 1 Piece
    Product Certificate, 1 Piece
    Product Instruction Manual, 1 Piece


    portable pH/ion meter application

    Tips: Can benchtop sodium ion meter be only used for sodium ISE?

    A benchtop sodium ion meter is primarily designed for measuring sodium ion concentrations using an ion-selective electrode (ISE). While it is optimized for accurate and precise sodium ion measurements, its functionality may extend to other ions depending on the specific meter model and available ion-selective electrodes. Some benchtop meters support interchangeable ion-selective electrodes, allowing users to measure concentrations of different ions by swapping electrodes. However, the accuracy and reliability of measurements for ions other than sodium may vary, and it is crucial to use the appropriate calibration standards and electrodes. In summary, while a benchtop sodium ion meter is specialized for sodium measurements, its versatility can be enhanced with compatible ion-selective electrodes, broadening its application to other ions within its technical specifications. Users should consult the instrument's documentation for guidance on ion compatibility and electrode interchangeability.

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