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    450V Ceiling Fan Capacitor, 1.8μF+1μF+2μF

    Ceiling fan capacitor rated voltage 450V/500V AC, capacity value 1.8μF+1μF+2μF, CBB61 type 5 wire capacitor with high insulation resistance, good self-healing, long service life, ideal for replacing old capacitors.
    SKU: ATO-FC-CBB61-1812
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    Small size ceiling fan capacitor for sale, low price, good stability, capacity value 1.8mfd+1mfd+2mfd, tolerance ±5%, rated voltage can choose 450V AC or 500V AC, ideal for controlling motors, all kinds of fans, toasters.


    • Model: ATO-FC-CBB61-1812
    • Capacity: 1.8μF+1μF+2μF
    • Rated Voltage: 450V/500V
    • Tolerance: ±5%
    • Withstand Voltage: 2. 0 Un (2s)
    • Loss: (DF)≤0.0010 100Hz
    • Insulation Resistance: CxRs≥3000S (23℃, 1000VDC, 1min)
    • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Climate Category: 40/85/23
    • Scope of Application: Start, run
    • Appearance: Rectangular
    • Lead Out Method: Cord, pin, insert
    • Dielectric Material: Organic thin film
    • Dimension: 48(W) x 23(L) x 35(H)mm
    • Certificate: CE, CQC

    5 Wire Ceiling Fan Capacitor Connection Diagram

    Ceiling fan capacitor circuit diagram
    Tips: Features of electric fan capacitors

    Relatively speaking, the capacitor of electric fan is relatively stable, and its loss is relatively small, but the overload capacity is relatively strong, and the working life is relatively long and reliable, and it does not cause pollution to the surrounding environment. Mainly used in electric fans or refrigerators, including air conditioners, and a some common household appliances, play a relatively large role.

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