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    DC Voltage Sensor, Range 100mV to 70V, Power Supply DC 12V/24V

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    DC voltage sensors adopt photoelectric isolation principle, with measuring range from DC 100mV/1V/10V/50V to 70V, supply voltage DC 12V/24V, accuracy 0.5%FS, output signal 4-20mA and strong anti-interference capability. DC voltage sensor is mainly used for voltage isolation and monitoring of all kinds of instruments.
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    This SKU ATO-VOS-DC70 is out of stock.
    We recommend you another isolated DC voltage sensor ATO-VOS-DC1000, which has measuring range from DC 10mV, 50mV, 75mV, 5V, 75V, 150V, 300V, 500V to 1000V.

    DC voltage sensor has measuring range of 100mV/1V/10V/50V to 70V.


    Model ATO-WBV144H21-AS
    Shipping weight 1kg
    Measuring range of input voltage * DC 0-100mV ~ 0-70V
    Short-time overload 2 times of nominal input voltage, 1s in duration, interval time 10s, repeat 10 times
    Linear measurement range 0% ~ 120% measuring range
    Input impedance When Ux>1V, Ri=Ux*10kΩ/V; when Ux≤1V, Ri≥1MΩ
    Output signal DC 4-20mA
    Power supply * DC 12V, 24V
    Accuracy 0.5%F.S.
    Load capacity 300Ω
    Response time ≤250ms
    Temperature drift 300*10-6/℃
    Isolation features Isolation between input and output, output terminals provides power supply
    Isolation voltage AC 2kV, 1 min
    Work temperature -10~+60℃
    Storage temperature -25~+70℃
    Protection features Surge (inrush) immunity: Output/power supply 2kV 1.2/50μs
    Electrostatic discharge immunity: Contact discharge 6kV, air discharge 8kV
    Radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity: A
    Electrical fast transient burst immunity: Signal line port ±2kV, power supply port ±2kV
    Conducted immunity of radio frequency electromagnetic field: A
    Inrush current: Input port common mode 5kA, differential mode 3kA, 8/20μs
    Mean time between failures >50000h
    Housing material Fire-retardant ABS
    Wiring Terminal connection
    Installation DIN rail (NS35/7.5, NS35/15, EN50022)

    DC voltage sensor 100mV to 70V dimensional drawing (unit: mm):
    DC voltage sensor 100mV to 70V dimension
    DC voltage sensor 100mV to 70V wiring diagram:
    DC voltage sensor 100mV to 70V wiring


    Voltage Sensor Details

    Existing reviews of DC Voltage Sensor, Range 100mV to 70V, Power Supply DC 12V/24V
    Have some questions about the DC voltage sensor.
    Have some questions.
    1. Can you confirm the Ux of the sensor's input impedance equation is the input voltage of the sensor?
    2. For the wire terminal connections, are all 6 terminals identical? What wire range can they accept? What is the depth or, at the very least, the recommended wire strip length?
    3. In the attached pdf page 4, can you verify there is a typo in the right-side wiring diagram for the input pin? The website shows 3, the catalog shows 1. We assume 3 is correct. How does the wire get secured – are they screwed down or some kind of spring terminal?
    From: Motko | Date: 27/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. Input impedance: when the measured voltage Ux>1V, Ri=Ux×10kΩ/V, when the measured voltage Ux≤1V, Ri>1MΩ;
    2. The terminal is fixed by screws, and the diameter of the cable used is Not greater than 2.5mm².
    3. Regarding the wiring, you are correct, the wiring markings for the inputs above the catalog are wrong. 3 is correct, the 3# terminal is connected to the positive pole of the DC voltage, the 4# terminal is connected to the negative pole of the DC voltage (if the input voltage is greater than 600V), the 8# terminal is
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