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    Two Diaphragms Coupling, 12mm to 25mm

    Shaft coupling bore 12mm to 25mm, 2 diaphragms, diameter 56mm, length 64mm, low inertia, high speed rotation, used to connect servo motors, stepping motors, encoders, screw drives, machine platforms, etc.
    SKU: ATO-SC-GLM5664
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    Dual diaphragm coupling diameter 56mm, length 64mm, bore 12mm to 25mm, speed 10000rpm, shaft and sleeve connection without clearance, suitable for forward and reverse rotation.


    Model ATO-SC-GLM5664
    Length 64mm
    Width 56mm
    Bore 12mm to 25mm
    Rated Torque 25 N.m
    Allow Eccentricity 0.27mm
    Allowable Deflection Angle 1.5∠°
    Allowable Axial Deviation ±0.72
    Allowable Speed 10000 RPM
    Static Torsional Stiffness 9000N.m/rad
    Moment of Inertia 1.6 x 10-4
    Weight 320g
    Certificate ISO9001, REACH, RoHS
    Warranty 12 Months

    Bore 12mm to 25mm Diaphragm Coupling Dimension (unit: mm)

    Shaft coupling dimension

    d1/d2 Inner Diameter Size Φd L LF LP S φd3 F M Tightening Torque
    10-11-12-12.7-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-22-25 56 64 19.75 13.5 5.5 26 8 M5 8 N.m


    Diaphragm coupling split graph


    Shaft Diameter Keyway Standard Machining Dimensions Keyway Size
    d1/d2 b t (bXh)
    Width of groove Tolerance Depth of groove Tolerance
    φ6~φ7.9 2 ±0.0125 1 ±0.10 2x2
    φ8~φ10 3 1.4 3x3
    φ10.1~φ12 4 ±0.0150 1.8 4x4
    φ12.1~φ17 5 2.3 5x5
    φ17.1~φ22 6 2.8 6x6
    φ22.1~φ30 8 ±0.0180 3.3 ±0.20 8x7
    φ30.1~φ38 10 3.3 10x8
    φ38.1~φ44 12 ±0.0215 3.3 12x8
    φ44.1~φ50 14 3.8 14x9
    φ50.1~Ф58 16 4.3 16x10
    φ58.1~φ65 18 4.4 18x11

    Keyway Machining Standard Drawing

    Diaphragm coupling keyway dimension

    Tips: What causes abnormal noise in the diaphragm coupling?

    1. The gap between the two halves of the coupling is too wide, causing the diaphragm to receive a large axial force, and the stranded hole or stranded bolt is worn out, causing abnormal noise.
    2. Excessive axial offset or too large deflection angle of the two halves of the coupling will also cause vibration and abnormal noise during equipment operation.
    3. When the speed of the active end and the passive end are different, it will also cause vibration and abnormal noise during the operation of the equipment.
    4. The speed code disc of the motor is faulty, which causes the speed of the motor to be fast and slow, and the diaphragm coupling makes abnormal noise.
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