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    Two Diaphragms Coupling, 8mm to 16mm

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    8mm to 16mm shaft coupler with 2 diaphragms, length 50mm x width 39mm, shaft and sleeve connection without clearance, suitable for forward and reverse rotation, used to connect servo motors, stepper motors and encoders.
    SKU: ATO-SC-GLM3950
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    Two diaphragms coupling bore 8mm to 16mm, rated torque 10 N.m, internal clamping, easy installation. Shaft sleeve made of high-strength aluminum alloy, high torque, can accurately control shaft rotation.


    Model ATO-SC-GLM3950
    Length 50mm
    Width 39mm
    Bore 8mm to 16mm
    Rated Torque 10 N.m
    Allow Eccentricity 0.22mm
    Allowable Deflection Angle 1.5∠°
    Allowable Axial Deviation ±0.45
    Allowable Speed 10000 RPM
    Static Torsional Stiffness 4050N.m/rad
    Moment of Inertia 3.0 x 10-5
    Weight 125g
    Certificate ISO9001, REACH, RoHS
    Warranty 12 Months

    Bore 8mm to 16mm Diaphragm Coupling Dimension (unit: mm)

    Shaft coupling dimension

    d1/d2 Inner Diameter Size Φd L LF LP S φd3 F M Tightening Torque
    8-9-9.52-10-11-12-12.7-14-15-16 39 50 14.9 11.2 4.5 17.5 6.0 M4 3.5 N.m


    Diaphragm coupling split graph


    Shaft Diameter Keyway Standard Machining Dimensions Keyway Size
    d1/d2 b t (bXh)
    Width of groove Tolerance Depth of groove Tolerance
    φ6~φ7.9 2 ±0.0125 1 ±0.10 2x2
    φ8~φ10 3 1.4 3x3
    φ10.1~φ12 4 ±0.0150 1.8 4x4
    φ12.1~φ17 5 2.3 5x5
    φ17.1~φ22 6 2.8 6x6
    φ22.1~φ30 8 ±0.0180 3.3 ±0.20 8x7
    φ30.1~φ38 10 3.3 10x8
    φ38.1~φ44 12 ±0.0215 3.3 12x8
    φ44.1~φ50 14 3.8 14x9
    φ50.1~Ф58 16 4.3 16x10
    φ58.1~φ65 18 4.4 18x11

    Keyway Machining Standard Drawing

    Diaphragm coupling keyway dimension

    Tips: How to install the diaphragm coupling?

    1. Wipe clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the installation shaft, and apply a thin layer of engine oil or lubricant.
    2. Clean the inner hole of the diaphragm coupling, and apply oil or lubricant.
    3. Insert the diaphragm coupling into the installation shaft; if the aperture is too tight, be careful not to hit the installation with a hammer or hard metal.
    4. After the positioning is completed, first press the diagonal direction and gently tighten the screw with a torque wrench (the specified tightening torque 1/4).
    5. Increase the strength (1/2 of the specified tightening torque) and repeat the fourth step.
    6. Tighten the tightening torque according to the specified tightening torque.
    7. Finally, tighten the fixing screws in the circumferential direction.
    8. When disassembling, please proceed with the device completely stopped, loosen the locking screws one by one.
    Existing reviews of Two Diaphragms Coupling, 8mm to 16mm
    Great designed diaphragm coupling
    The coupling bore I bought is 8mm to 16mm, they clamp tightly and get the job done, everything is real, what a beautiful design, the look is smooth, concentric, no backlash, worth buying again.
    From: Keith | Date: 13/04/2022
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