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    Digital Vane Anemometer, 0.4~30 m/s, Handheld

    Digital vane anemometer for measuring wind speed. Wind speed measurement range 0.4~30 m/s, air volume 0~9999 CFM, optional test items air temperature/dew point temperature/wet bulb temperature/humidity, power supply 3*1.5V AAA batteries. Wind speed sensor from professional manufacturer, low price, handheld, portable.
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    The digital anemometer is a vane-type air velocity meter, for measuring wind speed with range of 0.4~30 m/s, other units (km/h, ft/s, Knots, ft/m) are available, air volume measurement range 0~9999 CFM. The wind speed sensor has temperature and humidity testing function for selection, portable for handheld use, low cost.


    Model ATO-HT625B
    Measuring Items Range Resolution Accuracy
    Wind Speed* 0.40~30.00 m/s 0.01 ± (2.0% + 0.5 m/s)
    1.40~108.0 km/h 0.01~0.1 ± (2.0% + 1.8 km/h)
    1.30~98.50 ft/s 0.01 ± (2.0% + 1.6 ft/s)
    0.80~58.30 Knots 0.01 ± (2.0% + 1.0 knots)
    0.90~67.10 mile/h 0.01 ± (2.0% + 1.1 mile/h)
    78.00~5900 ft/m 0.01~1 ± (2.0% + 10 ft/m)
    Air Volume Range 0-9999 CFM (CMM, CMS) 0.01~0.1 -
    Air Temperature -20~60℃ (-14~140℉) 0.1 ±1.5℃
    Dew Point Temperature of Air -20~60℃ (-14~140℉) 0.1 ±1.5℃
    Wet Bulb Temperature -50~60℃ (-58~140℉) 0.1 ±1.5℃
    Air Humidity 0~99% 0.1 ±4.0%
    Air Duct Area Setting
    Data Hold
    MAX/MIN/AVG hold
    Auto Power Off
    Low Battery Indication
    General Specifications
    Power Supply 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries
    Digital Display 9999 counters
    Weight Approx. 180g
    Size 197*60*33mm

    *Note: The measuring units of wind speed can be switched.

    Digital Vane Anemometer Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of Digital Vane Anemometer, 0.4~30 m/s, Handheld

    Tips: Digital vane anemometer applications.

    Digital vane anemometer is widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, energy saving, marine fishing, fan manufacturing, exhaust system and other applications. In addition, in sports events such as sailing, rowing, field shooting and other competitions, vane anemometer is also used.

    Different seasons and geographical conditions will cause the wind direction in atmosphere to constantly change. For example, the seaside has different wind directions day and night, and there are different monsoons in winter and summer. Measuring wind speed and direction helps predict and study climate change. Vane anemometer is usually installed in places where there are no buildings or trees to avoid disturbing the movement of the wind. In various applications such as HAVC, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, meteorology, agriculture, refrigeration and drying, sanitation, etc., it is necessary to apply vane anemometer to measure air velocity.

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