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    Electric Linear Actuator, 12V/24V, 3500N, 400mm Stroke

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    The small and compact electric linear actuator with max load up to 3500N in pull/push, 12V or 24V rated voltage, 60W rated power, max speed at full load is 98mm/s at 150N, 50mm, 100mm, ... to 450mm stroke for selection.
    SKU: ATO-LACTU-3500
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    The provided electric linear actuator is high efficiency, relatively high load at 3,500 N, with 12 volt DC voltage, 24 volt is available. This miniature linear actuator is typically used for industrial, agricultural machinery, clean sweeping vehicles, vessels, cargo and other automatic control windows applications.

    Electric Linear Actuator Specifications

    Model ATO-DJ830
    Max. Dynamic Load 3500N
    Max. Self-locking 5000N
    Input Voltage 12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC (Option)
    Rated Power 0.25kW
    Rated Speed 4000 rpm
    Lead Screw Acme Screw
    Operation Mode Electrical
    Stroke Range 50-1000mm
    Duty Cycle 25%
    Motor Type Brushed DC
    Application Industrial
    Operational Temp. -10℃ to 65℃
    Operating Noise ≤65 dB
    Weather Protection IP65
    Overload Protection None (standard)
    Position Feedback None (standard), Endstop signal, Hall sensor, Reed switches for optional
    Weight 5kg

    Linear Actuator Load and Speed Selection

    Code Max.
    Dynamic Load
    Pitch Speed±10%
    without potentiometer
    (N) (N) - (mm) Free Load Full Load (mm)
    A 4000 5000 40:1 3.17 5.5 4 1000
    B 2000 3000 86:1 5 8.5 7 1000
    C 1500 2500 86:1 3.17 11 9.5 1000
    D 1200 2000 43:1 5 17 14 1000
    E 1000 1500 43:1 3.17 22 18 1000
    F 500 700 43:1 5 35 28.5 1000


    1. Measurements are made with actuators in connection with stable power supplies and ambient temperature at 20°C.
    2. For example, when real load is 2400N, choosing code (D) is fine. Of course, you can also choose (C), (B) or even (A) which come with more load buffer, higher safety factor and longer product service time.
    3. There are many factors affecting the "customizable maximum stroke", such as load, speed, force direction, etc., so the real application scenarios should be considered. If the parameters you required are not listed, please contact our sales engineers.

    Linear Actuator Standard Dimension (mm)

    3500N electric linear actuator dimension

    L: Stroke, A: Installation Length

    • L=50~399mm, A+0mm
    • L≥500mm, A+50mm

    12V/24V/36V/48V Linear Actuator Current-Load Curve

    3500N linear actuator current load curve

    Tips: Why doesn't linear actuator rotate?

    Linear actuator has a wide application in our life. It is used in both medical and industrial fields. However, we might encounter the problem of non-rotation of the linear actuator in using. Why is this?

    1. The motor does not rotate at a constant speed. Although the revolving speed of the motor is theoretically constant, it is mostly caused by the condition that the pushed object of the linear actuator is not fixed in case of a non-constant speed of the rotation.
    2. The motor rotates at a rather slow speed. We have to firstly check if the pushed object of the linear actuator is overloaded. If yes, it will certainly result in the slow speed of the rotation. Another possible reason of such a phenomenon is that the motor has rustiness or insufficient lubrication degree because the motor hasn't been used for years.
    3. The motor doesn't rotate. In case of such a problem, we have to check if the pushed object is overloaded or if the operation circuit is obstructed so as not to be moved, and then check if the power supply circuit is normal or not. If none of the above circumstances occurs, we have to check if the insurance control switch near the motor rest switch is closed or not.
    Existing reviews of Electric Linear Actuator, 12V/24V, 3500N, 400mm Stroke
    Can we use your 3500N electric linear actuator on washing carts?
    Can we use your 3500N electric linear actuator on washing carts, so they will receive the occasional splash and spray of water, but will never be fully submerged.
    From: David Floren | Date: 13/04/2020
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    ATO Responded
    We ship IP54 linear actuator by default, but we can customize IP65 level for you, which is waterproof.
    Very good linear actuator
    This linear actuator has powered my duck's coop door for a year now with no issues. Survived New England summer and winter without a hiccup. Only time I've ever had to pay it any attention is when it pulled it's mounting screws out of the door. It's not quiet or fast, but it's sturdy and strong. Highly recommended.
    From: Mick Ginge | Date: 05/03/2020
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