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    Industrial Linear Actuator, 12V/24V, 7500N, 450mm Stroke

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    High load linear actuator is 12/24V rated voltage, 150W output power, max load up to 7500N, 450mm stroke (other strokes are available), built-in a not adjustable clutch, used in a wide range of industries, projects and applications.
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    The provided industrial linear actuator is a very powerful actuator, due to its 7500N large load capacity, compact design, and IP65 rated protection, is ideal for various applications such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and industrial machinery.

    Electric Linear Actuator Specifications

    Model ATOHTW10A
    Voltage 12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC (Optional)
    Maximum Load 7500N in pull/push
    Power 150W
    Maximum Speed at Full Load 35mm/s (load 200N)
    Minimum speed at Full Load 4mm/s (Load 7500N)
    Stroke 50/ 100/ 150/ 200/ 250/ 300/ 350/ 400/ 450mm (Optional, can be customized)
    Minimum Installation Dimensions Stroke + 200 mm
    IP Rating IP65
    Operational Temperature Range -20°C~+45°C
    Certification ISO, CE, RoHS
    Noise <60db
    Upper End Type Cylindrical, aperture 8.1mm
    Line Length 750mm
    Weight 8 kg
    Built-in clutch (not adjustable)

    Linear Actuator Load and Speed Selection

    Note: A load capacity can only correspond to one speed. Once the load capacity is selected and the speed is fixed. Please refer to the table below. Other loads and speeds can also be customized.

    Load±10% (N), Speed±2 (mm/s)
    Load 7500 7000 5000 4000 3000 200
    Speed 4 8 11 17 22 35

    Linear Actuator Stroke and Size Selection

    Stroke±2 (mm), Mounting Dimension±2 (mm)
    Stroke 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450
    Size 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650

    Linear Actuator Standard Dimension (mm)

    Industrial linear actuator 12V 7500N  450mm stroke

    Tips: What is the self-lock condition of the linear actuator?

    First, it is the static self-lock. The self-lock coefficient is less than 0.35. When it is static, and free of any vibration, the rod can maintain static when there is an external pressure. When the self-lock is less than 0.3, and the force of the rod goes against the movement direction, the motor has no movement in power off. When the self-lock is less than 0.25, and the force of the rod is the same as the movement direction, the motor has no movement in power off. When the self-lock coefficient is between 0.35 and 0.55, the rod will move up and down when the external force increases constantly. When the self-lock is higher than 0.55, the rod can move up and down when the external force is very small. Therefore, we should pay attention to the problem of self-lock in linear actuator model selection.

    Existing reviews of Industrial Linear Actuator, 12V/24V, 7500N, 450mm Stroke
    Questions for your linear actuator
    For your high speed linear actuator, and just to make sure I understand fully: This actuator has a built in servo motor. That motor takes a signal (either + /- 12, 24 V) which makes the servo turn and the actuator extend at a constant rate. A hall sensor built into the servo reports the position of the actuator. If yes, then can I adjust its speed?
    From: Hunter Hershey | Date: 05/01/2020
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    ATO Responded
    1. Yes, this drive has a built-in servo motor and is equipped with a small gearbox. The motor receives signals (+/ -12, 24v).
    2. The rated load and operating speed of the actuator are usually fixed when customized. Therefore, when the rated voltage is lowered, the load and speed will decrease simultaneously, so, the electric actuator does not have different speeds under different loads. Because the input voltage drops, the speed will drop, and the load will drop.
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