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    Mini Linear Actuator, 12V/24V, 850N, 150mm Stroke

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    This miniature linear actuator is a powerful and reliable electric linear actuator for small to medium loads, max load up to 850N, 12V/24V, built-in limit switches, IP54 rated, rated speed at full load is 5mm/s, 50mm/100mm/150mm to 450mm stroke for selection.
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    Mini linear actuator is a small and compact unit capable of lifting low to medium forces. The provided actuator max load is 850N in pull/push, 12V/24V DC four voltage options are available, it can be used with any application that requires moving something in a straight line.

    Electric Linear Actuator Specifications

    Model ATOHTA15
    Voltage 12V DC, 24V DC (Optional)
    Note: The fluctuation of voltage is +/-2V.
    Maximum Load 850N in pull/push
    Self Locking Load 900N
    Power 35W
    Rated Speed at Full Load 5mm/s at 850N
    Output Speed at No Load 8mm/s
    Rated Load Current 4.7A
    Stroke 50/ 100/ 150/ 200/ 250/ 300/ 350/ 400/ 450mm (Optional, can be customized)
    Minimum Installation Dimensions Stroke + 105 mm (Stroke<300mm)
    Stroke + 120 mm (Stroke>300mm)
    Connection Mode Default motor wiring (Brown lead: motor positive +, Blue lead: motor negative -)
    IP Rating IP54
    Operational Temperature Range -20°C~+45°C
    Certification ISO, CE, RoHS
    Noise <52dB
    Upper End Type Cylindrical, aperture 8.1mm
    Line Length 750mm
    Weight 3 kg
    Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)

    Linear Actuator Load and Speed Selection

    Rated Load Capacity Self Locking Force (N) Rated Load Current (A) Output Speed at No load (mm/s) Rated Speed at Full Load (mm/s)
    Pull (N) Push (N)
    850 850 900 4.7 8 5
    600 600 600 4.4 14.2 10.5
    400 400 400 4.2 25.5 18.6
    300 300 300 3.8 30.6 23.4
    200 200 200 3.2 38.2 30

    Linear Actuator Standard Dimension (mm)

    12v/24v 1200N micro linear actuator size

    S: Stroke, L: Retracted Length=Stroke+105mm (Stroke<300mm) / Stroke+120mm (Stroke>300mm)

    Linear Actuator Stroke and Size Selection

    Stroke±2 (mm), Mounting Dimension±2 (mm)
    Stroke 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450
    Size 155 205 255 305 355 405 470 520 570

    Tips: Difference between linear actuator and electric-hydraulic pusher

    Linear Actuator

    The linear actuator has novel and delicate design, small size, high precision, complete synchronization, good self-lock performance, sanitary, direct motor driving, and requires to gas source or oil pipe.
    Application of linear actuator: widely used in the seat backrest lift in the plane, ship and luxury car, as well as the straight line pushing and expansion of the massage chair, massage bed, fire-fighting equipment, medical equipment, furniture and so on.

    Electric-hydraulic Pusher

    The electric-hydraulic pusher hydraulic control valve is mainly constituted by the overflow valve, oil absorption one-way valve, speed regulating valve, hydraulic control one-way valve(hydraulic lock) and so on. The oil loop combination valve of different functions can be designed according to the working characteristics of the electric-hydraulic pusher, so as to meet its working requirement.
    Application of electric-hydraulic pusher: Widely used in metallurgy, mining, power, coal, machinery, transportation, food, chemical, cement, water conservancy, building material, transportation and other departments.

    Both linear actuator and electric-hydraulic pusher are machinery in straight line movement. The difference is that one is the electromechanical liquid and the other is the electromechanical equipment. The main difference is that electric-hydraulic pusher is in liquid transmission, thus having unstable speed, poor accuracy, and liquid leakage after being used for a long period. The liquid has to be supplemented from time to time, so as to cause wastage and pollution.

    Existing reviews of Mini Linear Actuator, 12V/24V, 850N, 150mm Stroke
    Strong solid actuator with good price
    This mini linear actuator was perfect for what I needed. I used it on my boat hatch to replace the old one. Very easy to install. Any 12V power supply will work.
    From: Pascal Engelhardt | Date: 11/08/2020
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