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    Miniature Linear Actuator, 12V/24V, 900N, 200mm Stroke

    ATO miniature linear actuator is a powerful and reliable electric linear actuator for 900N loads capacity, 80W, 12V/24V voltage, 100mm/200mm or other stroke for selection, compact design allows for installation in small space. It is also pre-set limit switch and designed with IP54 water protection.
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    Linear actuators are electric actuators which create motion in a straight line. The provided actuator is mini and compact, max load up to 900N in pull/push, 12V/24V/36V/48V DC four voltage options are available, very convenient to install. Home, electrical and mechanical, chemical, sanitary ware, leisure and other fields are widely used.

    Miniature Linear Actuator Specifications

    Model ATOHT-KC35
    Voltage 12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC (Optional)
    Maximum Load 900N in pull/push
    Power 80W
    Maximum Speed at Full Load 30mm/s (load 60N)
    Minimum speed at Full Load 3mm/s (load 900N)
    Stroke 50/100/150/200/250/300/350/400/450mm (Optional, can be customized)
    Minimum Installation Dimensions Stroke + 210 mm (Stroke<300mm)
    IP Rating IP54
    Operational Temperature Range -20°C~+45°C
    Certification ISO, CE, RoHS
    Noise <56db
    Upper End Type U shape, wide 7mm, aperture 8.1mm
    Line Length 750mm
    Weight 6 kg
    Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)

    Linear Actuator Load and Speed Selection

    Load±10% (N), Speed±2 (mm/s)
    Load 900 500 300 250 100 60
    Speed 3 10 15 20 25 30

    Linear Actuator Stroke and Size Selection

    Stroke±2 (mm), Mounting Dimension±2 (mm)
    Stroke 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450
    Size 260 310 360 410 460 540 590 640 690

    Linear Actuator Standard Dimension (mm)

    Miniature linear actuator dimension

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