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    Handheld Inkjet Printer, Barcode/QR Code Scanner

    Portable handheld inkjet printer for sale online, with code scanner and 5-inch touch screen, 40m/min printing speed, adjustable 2-12.7mm printing height, easy operation and fast printing, best printer for printing barcode, QR code, expiry date, text, etc.
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    Portable handheld inkjet printer coding machine is suitable for printing a variety of content including barcodes, QR codes, time, dates, numbers, symbols, trademarks and so on. This code scanner and printer supports printing on various materials like plates, cartons, pipes, cables, metals and plastics.


    Model ATO-T-XD
    Operating System Linux
    Dimension 140*53*238mm (Including Handle)
    Machine Material ABS Housing
    Nozzle TIJ Thermal Foam Nozzle
    Weight About 800g (Excluding Ink Cartridges)
    Screen Size 5-inch Touch Screen
    Printing Accuracy 300DPI
    Counting Sequence 1-15 Digits
    Ink Properties Dry, Water-Based, Oily
    Usage Environment Temperature 0~40℃, Humidity 10~80%RH
    Ink Cartridge Capacity 42mL
    Quick Drying Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, White, Invisible
    Water-Based Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Invisible
    External Interface Power Supply, RS232, USB Interface
    Printing Font Synchronized Machine Font
    Printing Distance 2-5mm
    Printing Height 2-12.7mm (Half inch)
    Printing Speed 40m/min
    Power Parameter DC14.8V Lithium Battery, 16V3A/5A Power Adapter
    Printing Materials Plates, Cartons, Pipes, Cables, Metals, Plastics, etc.
    Printing Types Text, Pictures, Variable Barcodes, QR Codes
    Operating Languages Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai and Other 20 Languages
    Barcode Types Code 128, Code 39, Int 25, UPCA, ENA13, QR Code, DataMatrix

    Package Included

    NO. Part Name Quantity
    1 Packing Box 1
    2 Handheld Inkjet Printer 1
    3 Charger (16.8V 1A) 1
    4 Ink Cartridge 1
    5 Stylus 1
    6 Printer Operation Manual 1


    Handheld inkjet printer details


    Handheld inkjet printer applications

    Tips: Handheld inkjet printer applications

    • Industrial identification: In the manufacturing and logistics industries, handheld inkjet printers are widely used to print product batch numbers, production dates, barcodes, and QR codes. This information can be printed directly on various materials such as metal, plastic, glass and cartons, making it easy to track and manage inventory.
    • Building and construction: Construction workers use handheld inkjet printers to mark dimensions, serial numbers or installation instructions on pipes, wood, concrete and other building materials. This improves work efficiency and ensures accurate construction.
    • Retail and supermarkets: Portable handheld inkjet printers can be used to print prices, promotional information and inventory codes on product packaging or labels. This instant printing function makes price adjustments and inventory management more flexible and efficient.
    • Art and crafts: Artists and craftsmen use handheld inkjet printers to print patterns and text on materials such as paper, cloth, and leather. They can achieve personalized designs to meet small-batch production and customization needs.
    • Medical and laboratory: In medical and laboratory environments, handheld inkjet printers are used to print labels and logos on test tubes, medicine bottles and other containers. This helps to accurately identify and manage samples and prevent confusion and misuse.
    • Home and Education: Home users and educational institutions use handheld inkjet printers for everyday marking, creating homework or project presentations. These printers are easy to use and ideal for situations where flexible printing is required.
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