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    Handheld Barcode/QR Code Scanner and Inkjet Printer

    Favorable price handheld inkjet printer with barcode and QR code scanner can scan and print high definition bar codes, QR codes, text, trademarks and date, etc. Printing speed 40m/min, printing distance 2-5mm, printing height 2-25.4mm. This portable handheld inkjet printer is suitable for printing on plates, cartons, pipes, cables, metals, plastics and so on.
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    Handheld inkjet printer coding machine is lightweight and portable, which is suitable for printing a variety of content including barcodes, QR codes, time, dates, numbers, symbols, trademarks and so on. This code scanner and printer supports printing on various materials like plates, cartons, pipes, cables, metals and plastics.


    Model ATO-T-YD
    Operating System Linux
    Dimension 140*53*238mm (Including Handle)
    Machine Material ABS Housing
    Nozzle TIJ Thermal Foam Nozzle
    Weight About 800g (Excluding Ink Cartridges)
    Screen Size 5-inch Touch Screen
    Printing Accuracy 300DPI
    Counting Sequence 1-15 Digits
    Ink Properties Dry, Water-Based, Oily
    Usage Environment Temperature 0~40℃, Humidity 10~80%RH
    Ink Cartridge Capacity 42mL
    Quick Drying Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, White, Invisible
    Water-Based Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Invisible
    External Interface Power Supply, RS232, USB Interface
    Printing Font Synchronized Machine Font
    Printing Distance 2-5mm
    Printing Height 2-25.4mm (1 inch)
    Printing Speed 40m/min
    Power Parameter DC14.8V Lithium Battery, 16V3A/5A Power Adapter
    Printing Materials Plates, Cartons, Pipes, Cables, Metals, Plastics, etc.
    Printing Types Text, Pictures, Variable Barcodes, QR Codes
    Operating Languages Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai and 20 other languages
    Barcode Types Code 128, Code 39, Int 25, UPCA, ENA13, QR Code, DataMatrix

    Package Included

    NO. Part Name Quantity
    1 Packing Box 1
    2 Handheld Inkjet Printer 1
    3 Charger (16.8V 1A) 1
    4 Ink Cartridge 1
    5 Stylus 1
    6 Printer Operation Manual 1


    Handheld inkjet printer details


    Handheld inkjet printer applications

    Tips: Compared with desktop printers, what are the advantages of handheld inkjet printers?

    • Portability: Handheld inkjet printers are lightweight and portable. They are suitable for occasions where printing is required in different locations, such as field operations, warehouse management, logistics tracking, etc. In contrast, desktop printers are usually large and bulky and need to be fixed in a specific location for use.
    • Versatility: Handheld inkjet code machines can print on a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, metal, wood, cloth, etc., to meet different printing needs. Desktop printers are mainly used for paper printing, and the material applicability is relatively limited.
    • Flexibility: This code printer can print on irregular or curved objects, such as pipes, packaging boxes, parts, etc., to meet the printing needs of more application scenarios. Desktop printers can only print on flat paper, and have low flexibility.
    • Immediacy: Handheld inkjet coders can print anytime and anywhere without waiting, which is suitable for occasions that require fast marking and instant printing. For example, in logistics and warehousing, labels can be quickly generated and pasted to improve work efficiency.
    • Economical: For some small-scale or personalized printing needs, handheld inkjet printers are more economical and practical, without the need to purchase large and expensive desktop equipment. Startups or individual users can meet basic printing needs at a lower cost.
    • Space saving: Handheld inkjet printers take up little space and are suitable for use in work environments with limited space. Desktop printers require a fixed office space and take up more area.
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