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    Heavy Duty Connector, 4 Pin, 250VAC / 10A

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    4 pin heavy duty connectors have AC 250V working voltage, 10A working current and pollution degree III. There are 5 different shell items to choose from. Heavy duty connectors have the certificate of CCC, CE, ROHS, RU, CSA, TUV. 4 pin heavy duty connectors with applicable temperature range -40℃~+125℃ (-40℉~+257℉) can be used in harsh environments.
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    4 pin heavy duty connector with working voltage 250VAC and current 10A.


    Basic Model ATO-HDCN-HA-004-1 ATO-HDCN-HA-004-2 ATO-HDCN-HA-004-3 ATO-HDCN-HA-004-4 ATO-HDCN-HA-004-5
    Shipping weight 1kg
    Standard DIN EN 60 664-1, DIN EN 61 984
    Number of pins 4 pin + PE
    Certificate CCC, CE, ROHS, RU, CSA, TUV
    Inserts Item HA-004-M HA-004-M HA-004-M HA-004-M HA-004-M
    Working current 10A
    Working voltage 250V
    Rated pulse voltage urms 4kV
    Pollution degree 3 (C)
    Insulation resistance ≥1010Ω
    Material Polycarbonate
    Working temperature Range -40℃~+125℃ (-40℉~+257℉)
    Flammability according to UL94 V0
    Working voltage according to UL / CSA 600V
    Insertion / withdrawal cycles ≥500
    Contacts Item HA-004-F HA-004-F HA-004-F HA-004-F HA-004-F
    Material Copper alloy
    Surface treatment Silver/ Gold plating
    Contact resistance ≤1mΩ
    Wiring form Screw connection
    Wire specification 0.75-1.5mm2 AWG 18-16
    Tightening torque 0.25N·m
    Shell Hood item H3A-MTS-M20 H3A-MTG-M20 H3A-MTS-M20 H3A-MTG-M20 H3A-MTG-M20
    Hood thread M20 M20 M20 M20 M20
    Housing item H3A-MAG H3A-MAG H3A-MAGSV-M20 H3A-MAGSV-M20 H3A-MTGVB-M20
    Housing thread - - M20 M20 M20
    Material Cast zinc
    Surface treatment Powder-coated, gray
    Interlocking element Interlocking method: metal elastic pressing, material: stainless steel/galvanized iron
    Sealing element NBR
    Applicable temperature range -40℃~+125℃ (-40℉~+257℉)
    Flammability class V0
    Protection class IP65

    Dimension (unit: mm):
    4 pin AC 250V/10A heavy duty connector dimension
    Tips: Heavy duty connectors apply in the automotive assembly line
    The automobile assembly line is an operation line for automotive production. Its operation line processes include welding, stamping, painting, powertrain and so on. It can improve the automation level of car manufacturers.
    At present, almost all international assembly lines encounter problems such as security protection issues, maintenance issues, and model selection issues. Based on this, heavy-duty connectors perfectly solve such problems. At present, in terms of security protection, the connector protection class can reach IP65 / IP68, etc., which effectively prevents dust and pollution. In terms of maintenance, the heavy duty connector supports plug-and-play for maintenance, supports the production and assembly of components in advance and assembles outer and inner wires for convenient separately. Fast installation and maintenance will reduce installation errors. Not only that, for the cable size and length of the automotive wiring harness, but the connectors can also be pre-customized to meet customers' high-efficiency needs.
    Heavy duty connectors are mainly used in the following devices of the automobile assembly lines: automobile body forming systems, welding robots, control cabinets, intelligent control systems, assembly line conveying systems, hoists, I-beam blank workshops, transmission beam adjustment systems, metal beams Combination system, etc.

    Existing reviews of Heavy Duty Connector, 4 Pin, 250VAC / 10A
    Easy to install!
    As soon as I took this fitting out of the package of this heavy duty connector I could tell I was getting something that would last for years. I odered and received it for 1 month and everything goes well.
    From: Joe | Date: 05/05/2022
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