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    Incremental Rotary Encoder, Shaft, 2500 ppr

    Cheap incremental optical encoder adopts stainless steel shaft Φ10mm, high reliability, high resolution 2500 ppr, high quality, shell diameter 58mm, several output modes to choose, manufacturer direct sale.
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    Incremental optical rotary encoders with 2500 ppr can be used for robots, workbenches, injection molding machines, electronic equipment, printing and packaging machinery, non-standard equipment and CNC machine, a variety of office automation systems, industrial automation control and measurement fields.


    • Incremental rotary encoder internal adopts ASIC devices
    • High reliability, long life
    • Anti-jamming performance
    • Small size, light weight, compact structure
    • Easy installation


    Basics Model ATO-S5810G-2500BM
    Weight 100 g
    Wiring Color Red Black Green White Yellow Brown Gray Orange
    Signal Vcc GND A B Z A- B- Z-
    Mechanical properties Maximum shaft speed (r/min) 5000
    Starting torque <0.03Nm (25℃)
    Maximum shaft load Radial load: 50N, axial load: 20N
    Shock resistance 50G/11ms
    Anti-vibration 10G (10~2000Hz)
    Rotational inertia 4X10-8kgm2
    Operating temperature -30~+85℃ (-22~+185℉)
    Storage temperature -35~+95℃ (-31~+203℉)
    Protection Level IP51
    Electrical characteristics Output circuit Open-collector output Voltage output Push-pull output Line driver output
    Supply voltage Vcc DC 5V±0.2 DC 5~24V DC 5V±0.2 DC 5~24V DC 5V±0.2 DC 5~24V DC5V±0.2 DC 5~24V
    Current consumption ≤60mA ≤60mA ≤60mA ≤100mA
    Output high level ≥3.5V ≥Vcc-2.5V - - ≥2.5V ≥Vcc-2.5V
    Output low level ≤0.5V ≤0.5V - - ≤0.5V ≤1.0V
    Rise time Tr ≤500ns ≤1500ns - - ≤200ns ≤500ns
    Fall time Tf ≤100ns ≤300ns - - ≤200ns ≤200ns
    Maximum frequency response 0~100kHz 0~100kHz 0~100kHz 0~100kHz 0~100kHz 0~100kHz

    Model selection:

    Shaft type Diameter of shell Diameter of shaft Connection type Cable length * Resolution Production identifier Z signal Z signal wavelength Output mode * Voltage *
    S: Shaft 58: 58mm 10: 10mm G: Cable edge output 1: 1m
    2: 2m
    3: 3m
    4: 4m
    2500: 2500 ppr B M: Output 1 if receiving Z signal Default: 1T C: Open-collector NPN
    CP: Open-collector PNP
    T: Voltage ouput NPN+R
    P: Push-pull output NPN+PNP
    L: Line driver 26LS31
    K: Line driver 7272
    5: +5VDC
    830: +8~30VDC

    Note: * denotes optional parameters, you can select parameters in drop-down lists to finish your order. Some customizable parameters can't be selected from the lists directly, please contact customer service staff for further communication.

    Tips: Attentions for installing rotary encoder

    1. Installation: Don't exert direct impacts on the shaft during installation. Flexible connector shall be used when connecting the encoder shaft and the machine. Do not press hard into the shaft when mounting the connector.
      Do not disassemble the rotary encoder, doing so will impair oil and drip resistance. Anti-drip encoder should not be immersed in water and oil. If the surface has water and oil, it should be wiped clean.
    2. Vibration: Vibration added to the rotary encoder often causes erroneous pulses. Therefore, attention shall be paid to the installation place.
    3. Wiring and connection:
      a. The wiring should be performed with the power turned off. When the power is turned on, the output circuit may be damaged if the output line touches the power supply.
      b. If wiring with the high-voltage lines and power lines, it may sometimes be damaged by the malfunction caused by induction, so separate the separate wiring.
      c. The wires can be extended shorter than 10m. And due to the distribution of wire capacity, the time for the waveform to rise and fall will be longer; In case of a problem, the waveform shall be shaped using Schmitt circuit.
      d. In order to avoid induction noise, etc., try to use the shortest distance wiring. Special attention is required when inputting to integrated circuits.
      e. When the wire is extended, the rise and fall time of the waveform increases due to the influence of the conductor resistance and the capacitance between the wires, so that interference (signal crosstalk) between the signals is easily generated. Therefore, using a wire with small resistance and low interline capacitance (twisted pair, shielded line).
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