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    Linear Scale, 2000mm / 80 inch, 3200mm / 126 inch Stroke, 5 Micron

    Low price linear scale stroke 50mm, 100mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm , 2000mm, 3000mm are optional. Resolutions 0.5 µm, 1 µm or 5 µm. Signal output and plug types can be 9 PD TTL, 15 PD TTL, or 9 PD RS422. Good seismic performance and fast speed.
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    High speed linear scale length is 50mm / 2", 1200mm / 48", 2000mm / 78", (or choose other stroke). Resolution can select 0.5 um, 1 um or 5 um, signal output types also available. Factory direct sales.
    After purchasing one ATO linear scale, you can buy a digital readout for milling machine, lathes or table saw fence.  

    Linear Scale Specification

    Model ATO-LS-WTB
    Resolution 0.5 µm 1 µm 5 µm
    Speed 30m/min 60m/min 90m/min
    Effective Movement Length 50-1000mm, (2"-40") 50-3000mm (2"-118")
    Precision ±(3+3L0/1000) µm (or even higher)
    Output Signal TTL or RS422
    Grating Pitch 20 µm
    RI There is an RI every 50mm (1.9")
    Nominal Length When L0=50~1000mm, it is one file every 50mm
    When L0=1000~3000mm, it is one file per 100mm.
    Maximum Stroke Within 1000mm Scale Length: 3.5m (11 feet)
    Maximum Stroke Within 1000-1500mm Scale Length: 5.0m (16 feet)
    Maximum Stroke above 1600mm Scale Length: 10m (32 feet)
    Thickness 21mm (0.8")
    IP Rating 54
    Working Voltage 5±0.25V
    Work Waste Max, 5V, 40mA
    Reserving Temperature 0-50℃
    Working Temperature 0-40℃

    Linear Scale Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    linear scale WTB dimension


    Linear Scale Output Signal

    linear scale output signal

    linear encoder TTL interfacelinear scale RS422

    Linear Encoder Plug Types

    plug type

    linear scale plug type

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