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    Nema 23 Stepper Motor Linear Actuator, 2 phase, 1A, 0.65Nm

    1.8 degree 2 phase Nema 23 stepper motor linear actuator with high performance and cheap price, stepper motor length 46mm combine with a precision lead screw, providing holding torque of 0.65 Nm, current per phase 1 amp.
    SKU: ATO-STEPL-1065
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    This hybrid stepper linear actuator comes in Nema 23 frame size, non-captive and external linear versions are available. It provides the options of selecting the diameter and travel per step of leadscrew as well.
    Stepper Motor Linear Actuator 

    Model Type External Shaft Non-Captive Shaft
    57H246-1004AST 57H246-1004GTS
    Weight 4 Kg
    Motor Length 46 mm
    Phase 2 phase
    Step Angle 1.8°
    Rated Current 1 A
    Resistance 4.8 Ω
    Holding Torque 0.65 Nm
    Rotor Inertia 120 g-cm2

    Select Leadscrew
    Choose your stepper motor linear actuator screw from one of the available options:

    Screw Diameter Lead Travel Per 1.8 Step
    (in) (mm) (in/rev) (mm/rev) (in/step) (mm/step)
    0.315 8 0.079 2 0.00039 0.01
    0.315 8 0.157 4 0.00079 0.02
    0.315 8 0.315 8 0.00157 0.04
    0.394 10 0.079 2 0.00039 0.01
    0.394 10 0.157 4 0.00079 0.02
    0.394 10 0.394 10 0.00197 0.05

    Stepper Motor Linear Actuator Dimension (Unit=mm)

    1. Non-captive shaft style
    nema 23 non captive shaft stepper motor linear actuator dimension


    2. External shaft style
    nema 23 external shaft stepper motor inear actuator dimension



    Nema 23 Stepper Motor Linear Actuator Details

    Tips: stepper motor linear actuator in aviation industry
    In the aeronautical dynamic system, the regulating valve is one of the most important flow regulating devices. The realization of motor propulsive force change and accuracy control largely depends on the characteristics of regulating valve, which requires a very precise proportion of the change of flow and the stroke of the stepping linear motor.
    Now there is a new type of regulating valve which combines the stepper motor linear actuator and valve body. The main structure of the regulating valve is a stepper motor linear actuator, a valve core, a seat and a return spring. The valve core and the active cell of the stepper motor are connected with each other in structure. Due to the linear motion of the active cell, the valve core connected should also have linear motion. The valve can adjust the circulation area and the aperture, which forms the change of the flow, so that the flow can be controlled. If the throttle surface of the valve core is made into a para-curve, then the flow and stroke will have linear relation. Therefore, the stepper motor linear actuator with high reliability, high positioning precision and high performance has a very good application prospect in the aviation industry.

    ATO external stepper linear actuator in this video is 2 phase 4 wire comes in Nema 23 frame size. We will show you how to use PLC connect to the hybrid stepper motor system, and control this external stepper motor linear actuator for simple forward and reverse motion by the pulse and direction command issued by PLC.

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