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    Rotary Green Laser Level, 5 Line, 360 Degree

    Green laser level for sale with 5 laser lines including 4 vertical line, 1 horizontal line, 1 plumb dot, 5 bright dots. 5-line rotary green laser level comes with a self-leveling system, tilt angle ≤ 3°which can automatically level, otherwise it will immediately beep alarm sound.
    SKU: ATO-LL-05
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    Delivery date: 6-12 days

    Cheap price self-leveling laser level with 5 green laser lines, 360° rotating base, self-leveling green rotating laser is IP54 rated, which means that it’s protected against dust and water, providing a longer product life.


    Model: ATO-SL-05
    No.of Laser Lines: 5 line
    Horizontal Accuracy: 5m±1mm
    Laser Wavelength: 635nm
    Self-Leveling Range: ±3°
    Launch Angle: ≥120°
    Leveling Type: 4 vertical line, 1 horizontal line, 1 plumb dot, 5 bright dots

    Vertical Accuracy: 5m±1mm
    Plumb Dot Accuracy: ±1mm at 1.5m
    Line Width: 2mm
    Line Color: Emerald green
    Power Supply: 3 * AA batteries or AC power
    IP Rating: IP 54
    Operation Temperature: 0℃~40℃
    Laser Head: Made in Germany

    Operating Temperature: 10℃~50℃
    Weight: 2.5kg
    Laser Tube Life: 10 years
    Outdoor Visible Distance: About 15m
    Indoor Visible Distance: About 15m~40m
    Application: Ceiling, home decoration, door and window installation, etc.
    Function Key: Fingerprint touch buttons
    Battery Type: Digital LCD rechargeable lithium battery (8 hours standby)

    5 Line Laser Level Diagram

    5 line rotary laser level diagram


    Rotary laser level detail


    ATO high-intensity laser level is a common measuring tool for measuring angles. The high-precision green light level can be widely used in metallurgical steel plate cutting, stone cutting, wood cutting, machine vision, and other fields.

    Rotary laser level application

    Tips: Why choose a laser level?

    The technology of the laser level is relatively advanced, and the measurement accuracy is relatively high. When using it, a laser point will appear, and then the horizontal line will be taken according to the laser point for measurement. In addition, the laser level is more suitable for outdoor work. For laying pipelines, road grading, etc., it is best to use a laser level, which is relatively simple to operate and can be operated with a remote control to make the measurement data more accurate.

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