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    Solid state relay SSR-10AA, 10A 70-280V AC to AC

    New SSR-10AA single phase Solid State Relay 10A, voltage input 70-280V AC output 24-480V AC, suitable for frequent switching occasion and ideal for the automatic control area.
    SKU: ATO-DH1048ZA2

    Solid State Relay, load current 10A, AC-AC,70-280V AC to 24-480V AC, with LED indicator, zero-crossing switch, built-in RC, high quality and reliablity.


    Basics Model ATO-DH1048ZA2
    Size 57.4х44.8х28mm
    Weight 100g
    Mounting method Bolted
    Ambient temperature -20℃~75℃
    Humidity ≤95%(non-condensing)
    Technical parameters Control mode AC-AC
    Load voltage 24~480V AC
    Load current 10A
    Control voltage 70~280V AC
    Control current AC ≤12mA
    On-state voltage drop ≤1.5V
    Off-state leakage current ≤2mA
    Off-state time ≤10ms
    Dielectric strength 2500V AC (1min)
    Insulation resistance 500МΩ with 500V DC
    LED indication YES
    Cooling Heat sink or fan need to be installed for cooling.


    SSR single phase dimensions

    Wiring diagram

    SSR single phase wiring ac-ac

    Tips: How to classify AC solid state relays?

    AC solid state relays are divided into the type of voltage zero-crossing triggering (referred to as zero-crossing type) and random triggering type (referred to as random type) based on switching modes. According to output switch components, they can be classified as bilateral silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) outputs (normal type) and unidirectional SCR anti-parallel type (enhanced). According to the installation points, there are the pin-socket type used on the printed circuit board (natural cooling, without a radiator) and the device-typed ones fixed on the metal floor (cooling through a radiator). In addition, constant current source and series-resistance current limiting type with a wide input range (DC 3-32V) are included.

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