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    Solid state relay SSR-10DA, 10A 3-32V DC to AC

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    Cheap SSR-10DA, 10A single phase solid state relay, DC to AC, control voltage 3-32V DC, load volatage 24-480V AC. Excellent quality, high reliability and long lifetime.
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    10A 3-32V DC to AC solid state relay (SSR) features high structural strength, good impact resistance, and strong shock resistance. The SSR offers a reliable switching the commercial and industrial loads, such as computer peripheral interface device, printing machine, molding machine, food machine, packaging machine, and so on.

    • Built in RC absorption
    • Photoelectric isolation
    • SCR output
    • LED indicator for operation status
    • Removable protective cover for safety
    • Panel mount
    • Zero-crossing switch type


    Model ATO-SSR-DH10DA
    Input Control voltage range 3-32V DC
    Max. input current 12mA
    Must operate voltage 2.8V DC
    Must release voltage 1.5V DC
    Output Load voltage range 24-480V AC
    Peak voltage 800V AC
    Maximum load current 10A
    Maximum off-state leakage current 2mA
    Maximum off-state time 10mS
    Maximum on-state voltage drop 1.5V
    General Type DC to AC, single phase
    Dimension L – W – H (mm) 57.4х44.8х28
    Weight 100g
    Dielectric strength (input to output) 4000V
    Dielectric strength (input, output to the base) 2500V
    Operating temperature -20℃~ 80℃
    Mount Panel
    Certification CE


    1. When the load is a resistive load, the maximum load current of the selected SSR should be 2~3 times greater than the actual load current;
    2. When the load is an inductive load, the maximum load current of the selected SSR should be more than 7~8 times the actual load current.
    3. When the maximum load current is higher than 10A, a heat sink must be installed to the solid state relay, or the SSR relay should be mounted on a metal base plate with heat dissipation effect, and the thermal grease is applied between them.

    Heat Sink

    Product Name Heat Sink for SSR SSR-15A heat sink dimension
    Material Aluminum
    Dimension Roof Size: 60 x 50mm
    Foot Size: 80 x 50mm
    Height: 50mm
    Mounting Size Mounting Hole Diameter: 3mm
    Threaded Hole Distance: 48mm
    Weight 115g
    Application ≤15A single phase SSR solid state relay

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Single Phase SSR Dimensions

    Wiring Diagram

    Single Phase DC to AC SSR Wiring Diagram

    Tips: What are the differences in the use of zero-crossing SSR and random turn-on SSR?

    The zero-crossing solid state relay is used as a switch on/off. In terms of the switch function, it is equivalent to an ordinary relay or contactor. The solid state relays we usually talk about are mostly zero-crossing type (zero-crossing SSRs can only be used as an on-off switch, not for voltage regulation).

    Random turn-on SSRs are mainly used for chopper control. But the control signal of the random turn-on SSRs must be synchronized with the grid and rise with square signals ranging of 0º-180º to realize voltage regulation which, however, fails under the circumstance of a single voltage signal or 0-5V analog signal. From the voltage regulation function point of view, random turn-on SSRs are completely different from ordinary relays or contactors. It must be emphasized that devices used in the all kinds of voltage regulator module or solid state relays as an output contactor are SCRs, and achieve the purpose of voltage regulation relying on changing the operating angle of SCRs. Therefore, the output voltage waveforms are sine waves with unfilled corners (different from the full sine wave from the autotransformer output), and accordingly, there are higher harmonics and certain noises, and the grid has some pollution.

    Solid state relay (SSR) is simple but widely used in the automation fields. Thus, it is not complex to wire a solid state relay. In this vedio, ATO takes a 40 Amp SSR (DC - AC) for example to show the wiring of a SSR and then switch on/off a motor with this SSR.

    Existing reviews of Solid state relay SSR-10DA, 10A 3-32V DC to AC
    Easy to use
    This 10A solid state relay is very easy to use and responsive. I was able to take care of the huge variance of temperatures I was having. I will recommend to my friends.
    From: Shaun | Date: 21/10/2022
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    Can you provide a heat sink with your solid state relay?
    Can you provide a heat sink with your solid state relay?
    From: Ashleyl | Date: 05/01/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Yes. We can.
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