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    Solid state relay SSR-40AA, 40A 70-280V AC to AC

    Favorable price single phase solid state relay (SSR), AC to AC, load current 40 amp, input voltage 70-280V AC, load voltage 24-480V AC, long service life and wide use in automatic control.
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    Solid State Relay Features

    • SSR load current 40A (AC to AC)
    • Built-in RC
    • LED indication
    • Zero-crossing switch

    40AA SSR Specification

    Basics Model ATO-SYDH4048ZA2
    Size 57.4х44.8х28mm
    Weight 135g
    Mounting method Bolted
    Ambient temperature -20℃~75℃
    Humidity ≤95% (non-condensing)
    Technical parameters Control mode AC-AC
    Load voltage 24~480V AC
    Load current 40A
    Control voltage 70~280V AC
    Control current AC ≤12mA
    On-state voltage drop ≤1.5V
    Off-state leakage current ≤2mA
    Off-state time ≤10ms
    Dielectric strength 2500V AC (1min)
    Insulation resistance 500МΩ with 500V DC
    LED indication YES
    Cooling Need fan for cooling or water cooling

    Solid State Relay Dimensions

    SSR single phase dimensions

    SSR Wiring Diagram

    SSR single phase wiring ac-ac

    Tips: Installation methods of solid state relays

    Horizontal W-type and vertical L-type of solid state relays in small sizes are suitable for direct welding installation on the printed circuit board (PCB). Vertical L2-type is not only suitable for welding installation on circuit board, but also can be applied to socket installation on the circuit board. In the selection of SSRs used in PCB under small current standard, welding temperature should be less than 250 ℃, and time is limited to 10s since the lead terminal is made of high thermal conductivity materials. Given the ambient temperature, derating use can be considered if necessary. The load current is generally controlled within 1/2 of the rated value.
    K-type and F-type are suitable for installation on radiators and instrument baseplates. In case of high-power SSRs (K-type and F-type package) installation, it should be noted that contact surface with the radiator is smooth, and is coated with thermal grease. The larger the installation torque, the smaller the contact resistance. It is necessary to equip high-current leads with cold welding flakes to reduce contact resistance of the lead wire.

    Solid state relay (SSR) is simple but widely used in the automation fields. Thus, it is not complex to wire a solid state relay. In this vedio, ATO takes a 40 Amp SSR (DC - AC) for example to show the wiring of a SSR and then switch on/off a motor with this SSR.

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