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    Solid state relay SSR-40DA, 40A 3-32V DC to AC

    Brand new SSR-40DA Solid State Relay 40A Input 3-32V DC Output 24-480V AC, high quality and reliability, ideal for automatic process control application.
    SKU: ATO-DH4048ZD3

    Solid State Relay SSR, load current 40A, DC-AC, equipped with LED indicator, zero-crossing switch, built-in RC, suitable for frequent switching occasion, and even harsh enviroment like corrosion, moisture, dust etc.


    Basics Model ATO-DH4048ZD3
    Size 57.4х44.8х28mm
    Weight 135g
    Mounting method Bolted
    Ambient temperature -20℃~75℃
    Humidity ≤95%(non-condensing)
    Technical parameters Control mode DC-AC
    Load voltage 24~480V AC
    Load current 40A
    Control voltage 3~32V DC
    Control current DC 3-25mA
    On-state voltage drop ≤1.5V
    Off-state leakage current ≤2mA
    Off-state time ≤10ms
    Dielectric strength 2500V AC (1min)
    Insulation resistance 500МΩ with 500V DC
    LED indication YES
    Cooling Install fan for cooling or water cooling


    SSR single phase dimensions

    Wiring diagram

    SSR single phase wiring dc ac

    Tips: Why does SSR has advantages over EMR?

    SSR is a new type of non-contact switch composed of solid state electronic components, and achieve the purpose of connecting and disconnecting circuits without contact and sparking by virtue of those electronic components (such as switching transistors, triacs and other semiconductor components). Therefore, it is also known as non-contact switch. Compared with the previous Electromechanical Relay (EMR), the SSR has no moving mechanical parts and no mechanical actions during its operation. It has advantages over EMR, such as fast response, high reliability, long life (SSR’s on-off times are a hundred time more than those of average EMR by 106 times), no noises, shock-proof, mechanical shock resistance, good moisture-proof and mildew-proof, anti-corrosion characteristics. These features make SSR widely used in military science, chemical industry as well as various industrial and civil electric control devices.

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