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    Split Core Current Transformer, 1500/5A

    Split core current transformer for cable and copper row, primary current 1500A, secondary output 5A, accuracy Class 0.5, simple structure and reasonable design allow the split core current transformer to be used flexibly in a variety of applications.
    SKU: ATO-SCT-DP1500
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    Split core current transformer 1500A primary input, 5A secondary output, precision 0.5 level, suitable for current measurement, signal sampling and microcomputer protection of electrical equipment in AC power system.


    • Model: ATO-SCT-DP510-1500
    • Equipment Maximum: 0.66/0.72kVrms
    • Accuracy Class: 0.5
    • Working Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Primary Current: 1500A
    • Secondary Output: 5A
    • Ratio Difference: ≤±1.0%
    • Phase Difference: ≤ soil 10 points
    • Dielectric Strength: 2.5kV/1mA/1min
    • Insulation Resistance: DC500V/1000mΩ/min
    • Shell: ABS, Flame retardant grade 94-V0
    • Skeleton: PBT
    • Iron Core: Nickel steel or nanocrystal
    • Internal Structure: Environmentally friendly epoxy resin casting
    • Construction Plan: Screw fixing
    • Operating Temperature: -25°C~75°C
    • Ambient Humidity: ≤85%
    • Wiring: Wiring terminals

    1500A Split Core Current Transformer Dimension

    Split type current transformer dimension

    A B C D E F G
    142 190 67 170 102 52 48


    1500A-2500A Split Core Current Transformer Details

    Tips: 1500A Split core current transformer features

    • Split core current transformer has a double threaded mounting for tightness and security, and is also portable.
    • Two built-in mounting options for base plates and wires.
    • Larger internal diameter to accommodate large diameter cables and bus bars.
    • Various sizes to accommodate all current wire installations.
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