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    Split Core Current Transformer, 800/5A

    800/5A split core current transformer with 1.5m copper core wire, internal high quality copper wire winding, split core type current transformer can be quickly installed and disassembled in the state of non-stop power, non-connection, easy to operate, is the ideal choice for circuit transformation.
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    Professional split core type current transformer for sale, 800/5A current ratio, accuracy 0.5 grade, flame retardant housing, with snap-on structure, can be fixed directly on the cable by nylon ties.


    • Model: ATO-SCT-CTKD50-800
    • Current Ratio: 800/5A
    • Accuracy Class: 0.5
    • Working Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Measuring Range: 10%ln- 130%ln
    • Rated Output: 0.333V(AC) or 0-500mA
    • Ratio Difference: ≤±1.0%
    • Phase Difference: ≤ soil 10 points
    • Dielectric Strength: 2.5kV/1mA/1min
    • Insulation Resistance: DC500V/1000mΩ/min
    • Shell: ABS, Flame retardant grade 94-V0
    • Skeleton: PBT
    • Iron Core: Silicon steel
    • Internal Structure: Buckle
    • Construction Plan: Cable ties fixed
    • Operating Temperature: -25°C~75°C
    • Ambient Humidity: ≤85%
    • Wiring: 1.5m Red and black wire

    800A Split Core Current Transformer Dimension

    Split core current transformer dimension

    φ A B C
    50 81.2 111.9 58

    Tips: Saturation of current transformer

    Under normal conditions, the magnetic flux of the core in the current transformer is not saturated. At this time, the load impedance and excitation current are small, while the excitation impedance is large, and the magnetic potential of the primary winding and secondary winding is in balance. However, if the flux density of the core in the transformer increases and reaches saturation, it will cause Zm to decrease rapidly with the increase of saturation, and the linear proportional relationship between different excitation currents will be broken. The factors that lead to the saturation of the current transformer include: the current is too large; the load is too large. When the load connected to the current transformer is too large, causing the secondary voltage to increase, resulting in the flux density of the core to rise, reaching saturation.

    Current transformer saturation characteristics

    The secondary current decreases, the current waveform appears high harmonic component of the larger distortion; internal resistance decreases, or even close to zero; if a fault occurs - the current waveform in the vicinity of zero, the current transformer will lead| up to the linear relationship between transmission; in the instant of the fault, the transformer will be in the lag of about 5 seconds before starting to saturate. -Under normal circumstances, the current transformer is strictly forbidden to occur in the secondary open circuit phenomenon. Because in the current transformer operation process, once the second open circuit, it will make - - the current conversion into excitation current, causing the flux density of the core to increase, resulting in rapid saturation of the current transformer. The saturation flux will produce a higher voltage, the primary and secondary winding insulation facilities damage, easy to cause personal safety threats.

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