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    10 hp (7.5 kW) 3 Phase AC Input Line Reactor for VFD

    480 Volt 3 phase to 220 Volt 3 phase AC reactor, 7.5 kW (10hp) power rating, with 20A current for VFD. This is an input line reactor with long life span and high efficiency. Low cost and factory direct sales.
    SKU: ATO-ILR-7d5
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    10 hp Input Line Reactor Features

    • The rated current is 20A.
    • 3 phase unit with 7.5 kW power for VFD.
    • Better protection, high quality workmanship.
    • Widely used in various power supply sites with frequency 50Hz/60 Hz.
    • High quality and safety AC input line reactor.

    10 hp Input Line Reactor Specifications

    Basic Model ATOACR-0020-0M70-0.4SC
    Phase 3 Phase
    Power 10 hp (7.5 kW)
    Weight 4 kg
    Technical Parameters Work Valtage 380V (optional: 220V/ 240V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V/ 460V/ 480V)
    Work Frequency 50Hz/60 Hz
    Rated Current 20 A
    Max Current 1.5 Times the Rated Current, Continued 60s
    Inductance Value 0.7 mH
    Material Aluminium/Copper (Optional)
    Voltage Drop 2%
    Noise ≤65dB
    Insulation Class Class F, H
    Protection Class IP00-IP22
    Insulation Resistor ≥100MΩ
    Working Environment Operation Environment -10℃~+45℃
    Temperature Rise ≤85K
    Humidity ≤90%RH, without condensation
    Running Ambient Temperature -25℃~+45℃
    Altittude ≤2000m

     10 hp Input Line Reactor Size & circuit diagram

    ac reactor sizecircuit diagram

    Dimension (±5mm)
    L D W W1 H A×B
    155mm 95mm 80mm 61mm 170mm 6×15

    Tips:The wiring of reactor is divided into two ways, series and parallel

    • Half-core dry shunt reactor: In the ultra-high voltage long-distance transmission system, it is connected to the tertiary coil of the transformer. It is used to compensate the capacitive charging current of the line, limit the system voltage rise and operate the over voltage, and ensure the reliable operation of the line.
    • Half-core dry series reactor: Installed in the capacitor circuit, when the capacitor circuit is put in, it will close the inrush current and suppress the harmonics.
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