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    1000W 12V/24V/48V Wind Turbine Charge Controller

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    3 Phase AC wind turbine charge controller for sale, rated voltage 12V, 24V or 48V is available, wind turbine rated power 1000W, wind generator controller has perfect protection functions, including lightning protection, over-voltage automatic braking, battery reverse connection and open circuit protection, etc. Wind charge controller automatically recognizes 12V/24V/48V battery.
    SKU: ATO-WTC-1000
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    48V wind turbine charge controller with LED display, strong heat dissipation, wind turbine 1kW rated power, small size and long service life.

    The controller needs to be selected according to the power of the wind turbine and the battery voltage.

    Max voltage setup: 12.4V for 12V batteries, 29V for 24V batteries, and 58V for 48V batteries.


    Model ATO-WTC-400
    Control System Rated Voltage 12V/24V/48V ATO recommends the same generator voltage as the battery voltage
    Wind Turbine Rated Power 400W/800W1000W
    Battery Protection 15V/29V/58V
    Temperature Compensation (Optional) 8mV/°C (Adjustable) -20~65°C
    Working Environment Temperature -20~+55°C 35~95%RH
    Storage Environment Temperature -30~+65°C
    Altitude ≤5500M
    Net Weight 0.5kg
    Dimension 180*76*46mm

    Wind Turbine Charge Controller Wiring Diagram
    Wind harge controller wiring diagram

    1. Positive and negative terminals of the battery.
    2. Green LED indicator, when the system is working normally, the LED will be illuminated.
    3. Red LED indicator, when the battery is full, or the controller is in emergency braking state, the LED will be illuminated.
    4. Emergency switch, the switch is in - gear, the system is in emergency braking state, and the red LED will be lit, in the O state, the controller is in normal working state.
    5. The wind turbine terminal can be connected to the three wires of the wind turbine in turn. If it is a DC fan or a single-phase fan, the fan wiring can be arbitrarily connected to two of the three terminals.
    6. ATO wind turbine charge controller is compatible with three-phase, single-phase and DC fans.

    Wind turbine controller connection diagramTips:

    ATO Wind Power Charge Controller is the latest charge controller developed for small wind power generation. It has a smaller size, is easy to install, uses aluminum profiles, and can make good use of the housing cooling to further achieve high integration and miniaturization. Features, the new generation controller has functions such as charging indication, manual braking, etc., which can meet the actual needs of more customers. This circuit adopts parallel unloading design, which can better protect wind turbines and batteries, and the components adopt pure imported IR integrated chips and power components. Advanced design and high-quality imported components are a strong guarantee for product stability and reliability.

    Existing reviews of 1000W 12V/24V/48V Wind Turbine Charge Controller
    Related parameters of 1000W wind turbine charging controller
    For your wind turbine charge controller (SKU: ATO-WTC-1000), how it controls the overheating during high wind and protect the generator? What is the max voltage setup and how is protect the turbine after the batteries are full at the max voltage?
    From: Taco | Date: 18/07/2021
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    ATO Responded
    1. When the battery voltage is up to the rated voltage, the charge controller will brake for protection.
    2. Regarding the maximum voltage setting in which the charge controller will do brake, they are as following:
    12.4V for 12v batteries, 29V for 24V batteries, and 58 for 48V batteries.
    Excellent controller
    The 24V wind turbine charge controller I purchased performed very well. Thanks for the reply from the ATO technicians, my problem was solved.
    From: Colby | Date: 04/02/2020
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