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    10kW AC Synchronous Generator, 1-phase/ 3-phase

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    Cost-effective alternating current generator with rated power 10kW, rated capacity 12.5kVA, 4 pole, rated current 18A, 1500 r/min rated speed. 1-phase/ 3-phase AC synchronous generator has advantages of low noise, convenient maintenance and long service life.
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    10kW brush AC generator with 0.8 cosφ power factor, frequency 50Hz. 1 phase/ 3 phase AC generator is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology and daily life.


    Model ATO-STC-10
    Rated power 10kW
    Rated capacity 12.5kVA
    Rated current 18.1A
    Power factor 0.8 cosφ
    Pole number 4 pole
    Rated speed 1500 r/min
    Phase Single phase/ Three phase
    Rated voltage 220V (230V/ 240V can be customized)/ 380V (400V/ 460V can be customized)
    Frequency 50Hz
    Weight 85kg
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 months


    Dimension of AC synchronous generatorDimension of AC synchronous generator

    Model Mounting dimensions (mm) Outer dimensions (mm)
    A B C D E F G H K a b h1 h L1 L2 g
    STC-10 279 203 121 38 110 12 36.8 80 15 60 339 25 490 610 365 44.8

    Tips: Working Principle of AC Synchronous Generator.

    Using the principle of electromagnetic induction to induce electric potential by cutting the magnetic field lines, the mechanical energy of the prime mover is converted into electrical energy output. The synchronous generator consists of two parts: a stator and a rotor. The stator is the armature that generates electricity, and the rotor is the magnetic pole. The stator is composed of an armature iron core, a three-phase winding uniformly discharged, a base and an end cover, etc. The rotor is usually a hidden pole type, consisting of an excitation winding, an iron core and a shaft, a guard ring, and a center ring. The excitation winding of the rotor is energized with a direct current, which produces a nearly sinusoidal distributed magnetic field (called the rotor magnetic field), and its effective excitation magnetic flux intersects with the stationary armature winding. When the rotor rotates, the magnetic field of the rotor rotates at the same time, with each revolution, the magnetic lines of force sequentially cut each phase winding of the stator, and a three-phase AC electric potential is induced in the three-phase stator winding. When the generator is running with a symmetrical load, the three-phase armature current synthesizes to produce a rotating magnetic field with a synchronous speed. The interaction between the stator magnetic field and the rotor magnetic field produces braking torque. From the steam turbine/water turbine/gas turbine, the input mechanical torque overcomes the braking torque to perform work.Working principle of AC synchronous generator

    Existing reviews of 10kW AC Synchronous Generator, 1-phase/ 3-phase
    Fantastic 10 kW AC synchronous generator
    The low noise AC synchronous generator is fantastic. I don't like to hear noise during work. This 10 kW AC synchronous generator suits me well. Hopefully it will be able to use it for a long time.
    From: Frederick | Date: 22/06/2022
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