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    2 hp (1.5kW) 3-Phase AC Gear Motor, Vertical, Ratio 3~100

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    Affordable price 3-phase AC gear motor for sale, working power 2 hp (1.5kW), input voltage 110V/220V/380V (3-phase or single phase), optional gear ratio 3:1~100:1, torque 2.2~83.7 kg.m, shaft diameter 32mm/40mm, vertical/horizontal mounting type. Adding brake for electric geared motor power cutting is available.
    SKU: ATO-GEAR-HV1500
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    The provided electric motor is a 2 hp AC motor with gearbox, works at 1-phase/3-phase 110V/220V/380V power supply. Gear ratio can be selected in 3~100:1, corresponding speed rpm is lower and lower, the torque is higher and higher.

    Basic Specification

    • Model: ATO-CV32-1500((Ratio:3~30) , ATO-CV40-1500((Ratio:40~100)
    • Rated Power: 1500W (2 hp)
    • Rated Voltage: Optional 1-phase 110V/220V and 3-phase 220V/380-415V
    • Gear Ratio: 3~100:1
    • Working Efficiency: 75%
    • Insulation Grade: Class B, Class F can be customized
    • Protection Grade: IP54
    • Duty: Continuous running
    • Working Environment: Temperature 10℃~+40℃ and Humidity ≤90%
    • Pole: 4P (6P)
    • Working Height: ≤1000m
    • Standard: GB755/IEC-60034

    Terminal Box Direction (From Output Shaft)

    Terminal Box Direction of 3-Phase AC Gear Motor, Horizontal/vertical

    AC Gear Motor Standard Installation

    • All the ATO 3-phase AC gear motors are suitable for this installation method, as shown in the following diagram.
    • In the diagram, Q1, Q4, Q7, Q8 are the standard types of oil hole direction. If you need the air hole be on a special position, please contact us to modify the air hole direction.
    • In actual use, it is recommended to pull out the oil plug in the air hole to balance the pressure in gearbox.

    Air hole direction of 3-Phase AC Gear Motor, Horizontal/vertical


    1500W AC Gear Motor Details

    Tips: How to use 3-phase AC gear motor safely?

    1. Please strictly follow the wiring diagram or instruction manual to connect the 3-phase AC gear motor to the power supply to avoid electric shock or fire. (If there is no terminal box, please make sure to strengthen the insulation of connection part.)
    2. For power cables and motor leads, please do not bend, stretch or clamp excessively to avoid the risk of electric shock. The grounding terminal should be firmly grounded to avoid the risk of electric shock. Be sure to use a power source that meets the requirements of the 3-phase AC gear motor nameplate to avoid burning the motor and causing fire.
    3. During the operation of 3-phase AC gear motor, never approach or touch rotating objects (shafts, etc.). If someone is accidentally involved or injured, immediately turn off the power switch and deal with it in time.
    4. In the event of a power failure, be sure to turn off the power switch to prevent sudden power from injuring people or damaging the 3-phase AC gear motor. Please note that the 3-phase AC gear motor with thermal protector will automatically cut off the power when the motor temperature rises abnormally. When the temperature rise drops by a certain value, the 3-phase AC gear motor will automatically resume work. (Note: The motor will automatically recover if it is not burned down.)
    5. Please confirm whether the received goods are consistent with the order before use. Using the wrong product can cause damage to the motor.
    Existing reviews of 2 hp (1.5kW) 3-Phase AC Gear Motor, Vertical, Ratio 3~100
    Awesome gear motor
    This 2 hp 10:1 ratio AC gear motor worked great for my purposes. The previous motor I bought from other store was pretty bad in the strength, but this one handled the same load with ease. At 50rpm it is just the right speed.
    From: Johnny | Date: 15/07/2021
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