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    100W 3-Phase AC Gear Motor, Horizontal, Ratio 3~100

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    Cheap AC gear motor for sale. Rated power 100W, optional power supply 110V/220V/380V (3-phase or single phase), gear ratio 3:1 to 100:1 for selection, output torque 0.16-5.8 kg.m, output shaft diameter 18mm/22mm, installation direction horizontal or vertical. Adding brake for power cutting is available.
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    Low price 100W 3-phase AC gear motor has optional gear ratios of 3~100:1, horizontal or vertical mounting is available. A higher gear ratio has a lower output speed (15~570 rpm) and higher torque (0.16-5.8 kg.m).

    Basic Specification

    Model ATO-CH18-100((Ratio:3~50) , ATO-CH22-100((Ratio:60~200)
    Rated Power 100W
    Rated Voltage Single-phase 110V, 50/60Hz
    Single-phase 220V, 50/60Hz
    3-phase 220V, 50/60Hz
    3-phase 380-415V, 50/60Hz
    Gear Ratio 3:1/ 5:1/ 10:1/ 15:1/ 20:1/ 25:1/ 30:1/ 40:1/ 45:1/ 50:1/ 60:1/ 70:1/ 80:1/ 90:1/ 100:1
    Working Efficiency 75%
    Insulation Grade Class B, Class F can be customized
    Protection Grade IP54
    Duty Continuous running
    Working Environment Temperature 10℃~+40℃
    Humidity ≤90%
    Pole 4P (6P)
    Working Height ≤1000m
    Standard GB755/IEC-60034
    PDFDownload Attachments 100W 3 Phase AC Gear Motor Datasheet

    Terminal Box Direction (From Output Shaft)

    Terminal Box Direction of 3-Phase AC Gear Motor, Horizontal/vertical

    AC Gear Motor Standard Installation

    • All the ATO 3-phase AC gear motors are suitable for this installation method, as shown in the following diagram.
    • In the diagram, Q1, Q4, Q7, Q8 are the standard types of oil hole direction. If you need the air hole be on a special position, please contact us to modify the air hole direction.
    • In actual use, it is recommended to pull out the oil plug in the air hole to balance the pressure in gearbox.

    Air hole direction of 3-Phase AC Gear Motor, Horizontal/vertical


    100W AC Gear Motor Details

    Tips: Gear ratio calculation for 3-phase AC gear motor.

    To select the reduction ratio of 3-phase AC gear motor, we use the necessary revolutions number (rpm) of the input shaft and output shaft.

    1. Calculate the rpm of conveyor belt rollers (N1)
      N1 = Conveying speed ÷ (roller diameter × π)
    2. Calculate the output shaft rpm of 3-phase AC gear motor (N2)
      N2 = N1 × (number of sprocket gear ÷ gear number of motor)
    3. Calculate the gear ratio with a 3φ.60Hz motor (i)
      i = the output shaft rpm ÷ the input shaft rpm (motor rpm N)

    Calculation example

    1. N1 = V ÷ (D × π) = 9.5 ÷ (0.2×3.14) = 15r/min (rpm)
    2. N1 = N1 × (26/13) = 15 × 2/1 = 30r/min (rpm)
    3. i = N2/N1 = 30/1800 = 1/60 (motor rpm)
    Existing reviews of 100W 3-Phase AC Gear Motor, Horizontal, Ratio 3~100
    High quality and good value
    What is the working temperature of this gear motor?
    From: Noel | Date: 19/07/2021
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    ATO Responded
    ATO gear motor can work normally at the temperature of 10℃~+40℃. The high temperature of the gear motor will first demagnetize the magnetic material of the motor, which will lead to the decrease of torque and even to the loss of step. So, the material of the motor is very important. ATO AC gear motor is made of excellent heat dissipation material and equipped with full copper coil, which ensures a long service life.
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