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    20 hp (15 kW) Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter

    20 hp converter, 1 phase to 3 phase, power 15 kW, wide voltage input 80-320V AC, can be customized, 50/60Hz, with the advantages of simple maintenance and long life time.
    SKU: ATO-BZT-15kW

    Low cost 20 hp (15 kW), input voltage can be converted from 110V to 480V, and the output voltage is converted from 220V to 480V. brand new direct sale by manufacturer.

    10kW Power Converter Specification

    Mode ATO-BZT-15kW
    Power 15 kW
    Circuit Mode IPM module, SVPWM modulation
    Output Waveform Standard pure sine wave
    Wide Voltage Input 80-320V AC (can customization)
    Input Voltage 380V AC (Optional: 110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V/ 415V/ 440V/ 480V) single phase 2 wire
    Output Voltage 380V AC (Optional: 220V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V/ 480V) 3 phase 4 wire+PE
    Input Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
    Output Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz (30-90Hz can continuously adjustable)
    Startup Mode Selection Stable frequency step-down start or frequency start can be selected on the LCD screen settings)
    Frequency Stability ≤0.01%
    Load Regulation ≤3%
    THD ≤2% (Linear load)
    Phase Angle 120°±1°
    Crest Factor Ratio 3:1
    Weight 170kg
    LCD Display Output voltage, output current, output frequency, output power, fault code, time temperature, startup mode selection, setting parameters
    Protection Input under voltage, overvoltage, output over-current, short circuit, overheating etc.
    Protective Reaction Time ≤2ms
    Machine Efficiency ≥94%
    Insulation Properties 1800V AC/ 10mA/1 min
    Insulation Impedance 500V DC/ 50MΩ
    Cooling Method Forced air cooling
    Noise 1m> 60dB
    Ambient Temperature -25℃~+55℃
    Humidity 0~95% (No condensation)
    Size L 540mm
    W 540mm
    H 760mm

    15kW Converter Featuresingle phase to three phase power converter

    • The wide voltage input is 80-320VAC, and special voltage can be customized according to requirements to adapt to the working environment of different voltages around the world.
    • The core components are stable in performance, long in service life, powerful in protection and economical.
    • The humanized safety design adopts the isolation transformer design scheme. The input and output are completely electrically isolated, and the input and output are equipped with molded case circuit breakers, which saves the switch for customers and is convenient and safe to install.
    • The output protection function is perfect, and there are various protections such as output ya, overload, over temperature, short circuit, self-diagnosis protection.
    • The whole machine adopts modular design, plug-in design, easy maintenance, and reduces the hidden fault of machine failure to repair.
    • The converter also has the function of filtering out the point disturbance and interference. It is an excellent stable frequency stabilized power supply, providing a more stable and pure power supply environment for the back-end equipment.
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