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    30mL/min DC 3V/6V/12V Micro Peristaltic Pump

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    Affordable price micro peristaltic pump powered by 3V/6V/12V DC motor. Flow rate 15~30mL/min (11.4 gallon per day), maximum power 1W, water pressure 15 psi, tubing diameter 2.4mm, size 57*24.1*22mm, weight 38g. 2-hose peristaltic dosing pump, suitable for various liquids with small volume.
    SKU: ATO-PDP-M30
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    Micro peristaltic dosing pump for sale, working voltage DC 3V/6V/12V DC for selection, water flow rate of 11.4GPD (15~30mL/min), hose diameter 2.4mm. Miniature peristaltic pump used in liquid metering and transmission, applications include NPWT, sphygmomanometer, medical ventilator, infusion pump, biology laboratory, water dispenser, car air purifier, etc.


    Model ATO-MPP40
    Water Flow Rate mL/min 15~30
    GPD (gallon/day) 5.71~11.41
    Rated Voltage DC 3V, 6V, 12V
    Power <1W
    Tubing Size Outer Diameter 4mm
    Inner Diameter 2.4mm
    Overall Size 57*24.1*22mm
    Weight 38g
    Rated Life >300h

    30mL/min Micro Peristaltic Pump Dimensions Drawing (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 30mL/min DC 3V/6V/12V Micro Peristaltic Pump

    30mL/min Micro Peristaltic Pump Structure Diagram

    Structure of 30mL/min DC 3V/6V/12V Micro Peristaltic Pump

    Micro Peristaltic Pump Applications

    Micro Peristaltic Pump Applications

    Existing reviews of 30mL/min DC 3V/6V/12V Micro Peristaltic Pump
    What max voltage is the electrical connector?
    What max voltage is the electrical connectors? One of the pics shows what looks like like a speed control knob attached to pump. Does all this come with this pump?
    From: Mill | Date: 31/03/2022
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    ATO Responded
    12v and there is no speed control on this motor/pump. You provide up to 12 volts DC to it to make it run. You can reduce the speed by reducing the voltage.
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