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    40W AC Vibration Motor, 1 Phase, 2 Pole

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    110V vibrating motor, 40W, 50Hz 3000rpm rated speed, 60Hz 3600rpm rated speed. Single phase, 2 pole, with strong power and can withstand high speed for a long time.
    SKU: ATO-AVB-TO402S1
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    40W Industry asynchronous vibrating motor 1 phase, 3600rpm, can be used in mining, metallurgy, construction and food, etc.. Free shipping and manufacturer direct sale.

    1. Thickened aluminum alloy, small size, low noise and adjustable amplitude.
    2. High strength, anti-deformation, anti-oxidation, can withstand long-term high-speed operation.
    3. Thickened base, firm and shockproof.
    4. The special voltage can be customized, and the power cord will be given as a gift under 100W.
    5. Simple use, safety guarantee, IP65 protection level, waterproof and able to withstand low-pressure jet.


    Model ATO-AVB-TO402S1
    Power 40W
    Voltage AC220V/AC110V
    Current 0.12A/0.28A
    Frequency 50 Hz 60Hz
    Rated Speed 3000rpm 3600rpm
    Force 35 kg (Test at no load)
    Note: In practical application, the seismic force may be reduced by about 30%.
    Phase Single Phase
    Pole 2 Pole
    Material Aluminum Alloy
    Protection Rank IP 65
    Weight 1.6 kg
    Optional Accessories Speed controller
    Frame No 1
    Certificate CE

    Dimension (unit: mm)
    asynchronous vibration motor.

    Frame No A B C D E F G H I J K L M N
    1 149 110 70.5 10 25 30.5 46.5 31.5 60.5 91 6 15 60.5 M-16

    Asynchronous Vibration Motor Internal Structure
    asynchronous vibration motor internal structure

    40W vibration motor applications

    Tips: Vibration Motor Troubleshooting
    1. After starting the machine, the motor will not start. It should be checked whether the power supply is out of phase, whether the motor is out of phase, whether the protective cover is damaged and the eccentric block is rubbed.
    2. After starting the machine, the motor is noisy, hot, etc. It should be checked: Whether the roughness of the contact surface between the vibration machine and the motor meets the installation requirements, whether the screw of the foot is tightened, and whether the vibration acceleration of the host meets the requirements for use.
    3. After adjusting the eccentric block, the amplitude changes abnormally. It should be checked whether the eccentric block at both ends of the shaft is symmetrically adjusted.
    4. In the vibration equipment where two vibration motors work at the same time, when the phase transition does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to adjust the phase sequence of the single unit, and do not adjust the phase sequence of the total power supply of the two vibration motors.

    This video will show you how to use vibration motor.

    Existing reviews of 40W AC Vibration Motor, 1 Phase, 2 Pole
    Much better than I expected
    Good value for a heavy duty and well made product. I bought the 40W version because I wasn't sure how powerful these would be. I probably could have bought a bigger one to do the job. Very happy with my purchase and I'll be back for more soon!
    From: cxk | Date: 20/04/2022
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