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    600W 12v/24v/48v Alternator, 3 Phase

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    Low price 600W permanent magnet alternator for wind turbine generators, 3 phase alternator, low rpm, 12/24/48 volt permanent magnet generator, suitable for working in harsh environments with humidity or dust.
    SKU: ATO-PMG-600M2
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    48 volt permanent magnet generator adopts self-starting regulator without external excitation power supply, three phase, rated torque 9.55Nm, 600rpm, AC output current.

    Note: Special rated voltage and speed can be customized, please contact us.


    Model ATO-PMG-600M2
    Rated Power 600W
    Max Power 636W
    Rated Voltage 12v/24v/48v
    Rated Speed 500 rpm/min
    Net Weight 10 kg
    Output Voltage AC
    Rated Torque 11 Nm
    Starting Torque 0.2 Nm
    Synchronous Generator Phase 3 Phase
    Number of Pole Pairs 6
    Conversion Efficiency ≥ 85%
    Insulation Class F
    Service Life More Than 20 years
    Bearing HRB or for your order
    Shaft Material Stainless Steel
    Shell Material Aluminium Alloy
    Permanent Magnet Material Rare Earth NdFeB
    Protection Grade IP54
    Lubrication Lubrication Grease
    Working Temperature -40℃ - 80 ℃

    600W Alternator Dimension: (unit: mm)
    600W alternator dimension

    600W Alternator Power Curve
    600W alternator power curve


    • Gearless, direct drive, low RPM permanent magnet generator.
    • Low start up speed due to low cogging and resistive torque design.
    • High standard, quality components for use in harsh and extreme environments for wind turbines.
    • High efficiency and Low mechanical resistance energy loss.
    • Excellent heat dissipation due to the Aluminium alloy outer frame and special internal structure.
    • High strength from the specially desy selecign structure and fully heat treatment aluminium.
    • Generator is designed using speciallted material and treated to resist corrosion and oxidation.
    • Designed for reliable and long operational lifetime under long-term full output.

    Tips: Permanent magnet generator efficiency

    Permanent magnet generators are very efficient. Permanent magnet generators are an energy-saving product. The permanent magnet rotor structure eliminates the excitation power required to generate the rotor magnetic field and the mechanical loss of friction between the carbon brush and the slip ring, so that the efficiency of the permanent magnet generator is greatly improved. Ordinary excitation generators have an average efficiency of only 45% to 55% in the range of speeds between 1500 rpm and 6000 rpm, while permanent magnet generators can be as high as 75% to 80%.

    Existing reviews of 600W 12v/24v/48v Alternator, 3 Phase
    Can you recommend a motor to me?
    My design team previously purchased a generator (600W Alternator) from you. We are looking to test our entire design by driving the generator with a motor. Can you provide any recommended motors to do so or alternative testing setups?
    From: Alison | Date: 12/12/2022
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    ATO Responded
    The motor you need only needs to have a torque greater than 11.5Nm. We recommend this motor, the reference link:
    If your 600w wind turbine produces 600w at 11m/s wind speed?
    My questions is, if your 600w wind turbine produces 600w at 11m/s wind speed.
    Does it produce more wattage if the wind is stronger? Like 20m/s or 30m/s?
    From: Hayden | Date: 01/11/2020
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    ATO Responded
    The higher the wind speed, the higher the output power, but the controller matched with the wind turbine will perform brake protection to prevent excessive speed to protect wind turbin from burning.. So it won't produce more W than the 630W because it will out a stop.
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