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    Beveling/ Chamfering Machine, 30 Degree to 60 Degree

    Portable beveling chamfering machine is specially designed for plate beveling and chamfering. The beveling machine with maximum cutting edge width of 15mm (adjustable), chamfering angle of 30°~60°, rotation speed of 2870 rpm, power supply of 380V 1.1kw. The plate chamfering machine is a convenient and dexterous machine.
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    The beveling machine is easy and safe to use and it is suitable for steel, cast iron, hard plastic, non-ferrous metal and other materials which can be used in beveling, deburring and chamfering for metal pipes and plates before welding. Applicable materials include steel, cast iron, hard plastic, non-ferrous metals, etc.


    • Chamfering width and chamfering angle are adjustable. Cutting piece is standard piece, easy to replace. Milling cutter disk is roller type, which improves efficiency and saves mold making time.
    • Beveling chamfering machine has compact structure, portable design, hand-held operation, easy to move. Small vibration, stable operation, precise and safe.


    Model ATO-CFM-SKF15
    Max. Cutting Edge Width 15mm (adjustable)
    Chamfering Angle 30°~60°
    Rotation Speed 2870rpm
    Rated Power 1.1kw
    Voltage 380V
    Warranty 1 year
    Weight 18 kg
    Supplementary Tools φ66mm butterfly milling cutter*2, each has 6 pieces of high-speed carbon steel embedded milling cutter blades

    Structure Diagram

    Plate chamfering machine dimension


    The deburring/chamfering machine is suitable for large workpieces of any length, unheated and not easily moved, such as chamfering in the manufacturing process of various molds and mechanical parts. In addition, it is also suitable for batch processing of small workpieces, deburring for metal pipes, metal plates, molds, and mold frames, and manufacturing of mechanical equipment and hardware parts, etc.

    Portable chamfering machine application

    Tips: What is a beveling machine used for?

    The bevelling of plates or tubes is most commonly used to prepare the ends for welding. It can also be used for deburring the cut ends for safety and aesthetic reasons.

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