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    Pipe Chamfering Machine, 45 Degree, Straight/Curve

    The pipe chamfering machine with affordable price for sale. The chamfering machine with chamfering angle 15°~45°, straight chamfering range of 0~3mm, curve chamfering range of 0~2.5mm. The deburring and chamfering machine can chamfer and deburr straight edges and curves (outer circle, inner hole, waist hole) of products.
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    The deburring machine with chamfering angle 15°~45°, motor power 3-phase 750W, max speed of curve part 12000rpm. The pipe chamfering machine can replace the CNC machining center to process parts that cannot be processed by ordinary chamfering tools.


    • Deburring/chamfering machine can be used with different types of milling cutters, to chamfer metal parts of different materials. Blade replacement uses a special wrench, simple and convenient to operate.
    • Chamfer size of straight part can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 0~3mm, and angle can be adjusted from 15° to 45°.
    • Applicable materials for the deburring/chamfering machine are carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy, etc.


    Model ATO-CFM-R800B
    Chamfering Range Straight Curve
    0~3mm 0~2.5mm
    Chamfering Angle Straight Curve
    15°~45° 15°~45°
    Speed Straight Curve
    8500rpm 12000rpm
    Rated Voltage 380V
    Motor Power 750W
    Dimension 53*44*69CM
    Warranty 1 year
    Weight 68 kg


    Structure Diagram

    Pipe chamfering machine structure diagram


    The deburring/chamfering machine is suitable for large workpieces of any length, unheated and not easily moved, such as chamfering in the manufacturing process of various molds and mechanical parts. In addition, it is also suitable for batch processing of small workpieces, deburring for metal pipes, metal plates, molds, and mold frames, and manufacturing of mechanical equipment and hardware parts, etc.

    Portable chamfering machine application

    Tips: What is a chamfering machine?

    A chamfering machine is a special tool for chamfering and beveling the front end of the pipe or plate. The deburring chamfering machine solves the shortcomings of flame cutting, grinding machine grinding and other operating processes such as irregular angles, rough slopes, and high working noise, the deburring and chamfering machine has the advantages of easy operation, standard angle, smooth surface, lightweight, high-level probability, durable and convenient operation. The machine is suitable for welding and manufacturing fields such as steel structures, boilers, pressure vessels, equipment manufacturing industry, shipbuilding, electric power, mold, chemical industry, petroleum engineering, metallurgy, head, iron tower, aerospace, and so on.

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