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    Capacitive Level Sensor, For 8-11 mm Pipeline

    High quality and good price capacitive liquid sensor for sale online. This liquid level sensor with short circuit protection, overload protection and reverse polarity protection. The applicable temperature of capacitive fluid level sensor between -10 ℃ and 55 ℃. Capacitive type level sensor often used in liquid level detection in pipe diameters.
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    A capacitive water level sensor is a device designed to measure the level of water or other liquids in a container or reservoir. This capacitive liquid sensor is suitable for 8-11 mm pipe.


    • Adopting curved appearance design, installation and inspection are more flexible and reliable.
    • Detection of non-metallic media in containers directly through non-metallic pipe walls.
    • Capacitive level sensor is widely used in liquid level detection and alarm of various containers.


    • Model: CE10
    • Mounting: non-flush
    • Adjustable Pipeline: 8-11 mm; wall thickness ≤1.0 mm
    • Switching Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Switch-point Drift: ≤±20%
    • Load Current: ≤200 mA
    • Residual Voltage: ≤2.5V
    • Current Consumption: ≤15 mA
    • Output Indicator: yellow LED
    • Circuit Protection: short circuit, overload and reverse polarity
    • Ambient Temperature: -10℃~55℃
    • Ambient Humidity: 35-95%RH
    • Degree of Protection: IP67
    • Connection Type: 2m PVC cable
    • Housing Material: PBT

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    CE10 capacitive level sensor dimension

    Wiring Diagram:

    CE10 capacitive level sensor wiring diagram

    Tips: How Does Capacitive Level Sensor Work?

    A capacitive water level sensor operates based on changes in capacitance to determine fluid levels. It typically consists of two electrodes—one exposed to the fluid and the other insulated.  When submerged in water, the capacitance between these electrodes varies with the water level. Capacitance is influenced by the dielectric constant of the material between the electrodes, which changes as water fills or drains. As the fluid level rises, capacitance increases, and vice versa. The sensor measures these capacitance variations and converts them into corresponding water level readings.

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