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    DC-DC Buck Converter, 12V/24V to 3.3V/5V/6V

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    This series of DC-DC power converters are DC-DC buck converters with wide input range of 8V to 36V, high conversion efficiency up to 95%, is designed to step down the input rated voltage 12V/24V DC to 3.3V, 5V or 6V output voltage, and different models are available for selection.
    SKU: ATO-DCDC-122405
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    Cheap and best 12V/24V to 3.3V, 5V or 6V converters are step down DC-DC converters, which adopted synchronous rectification technology, with high efficiency 89%~95%, optimized for low-power applications.


    • Wide input voltage range: 8V to 36V or 8V to 40V.
    • Brand-new, die-cast aluminum shell and high quality design, maximum transfer efficiency of 95%.
    • This step down power module comes with waterproof lever of IP68, moisture-proof & anti-shock protection.
    • Auto-recovery when device is back to normal operating.
    • Built-in full protection against over/under voltage input, over-current, overload, overhead, over-temperature and short circuit.
    • Industry grade DC 12V/24V to 3.3V/5V/6V buck converter, widely used in automotive, electricity, surveillance systems, railway signals, instruments, solar generate electricity, display screen of bus and taxi, car audio device, security systems, hospital equipment, telecommunications etc.

    40A/10A DC-DC Buck Converter Specification

    Model ATOWG-1224S0540 ATOWG-1224S0640 ATOZS-243.310
    Input Rated voltage 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V
    Voltage range 8-36V 8-36V 8-40V
    Efficiency 95% @ 12V input, 91% @ 24V input 95% @ 12V input, 91% @ 24V input 92%
    Positive cable (red) 12 AWG @ 16.5cm length 12 AWG @ 16.5cm length 13~14cm
    Negative cable (black) 12 AWG @ 16.5cm length 12 AWG @ 16.5cm length
    Output Voltage 5V 6V 3.3V
    Max. rated current 40A 40A 10A
    Max. rated power 200W 200W 33W
    Voltage regulation ±1% ±1% 96%
    Load regulation 2% 2% 95%
    No load loss 30mA 30mA /
    Ripple & noise 90~110mV 90~110mV 200mV
    Positive cable (yellow) 10 AWG @ 16.5cm length 10 AWG @ 16.5cm length 13~14cm
    Negative cable (black) 10 AWG @ 16.5cm length 10 AWG @ 16.5cm length
    Environment Working temperature -35 ~ +80℃ -35 ~ +80℃ -40 ~ +80℃
    Working humidity 10% ~ 90%RH 10% ~ 90%RH /
    Storage temperature -40 ~ +85℃ -40 ~ +85℃ /
    Function Short circuit protection YES YES NO
    Over current protection YES YES NO
    Waterproof IP68 IP68 IP67
    Over temperature protection YES YES NO
    Over voltage protection YES YES NO
    Mechanical Weight 500g 500g 55g
    Size 100*80*39mm 100*80*39mm 63*32*18mm

    12V/24V to 5V/ 6V DC-DC Buck Converter Model Selection

    Code Model Price Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Output Power Efficiency Size Download
    1 ATOWG-12S0503 $98.45 12V DC 5V DC 3 Amps 15 Watts 89% 41*27*147mm PDF
    2 ATOWG-1224S0510 $135.44 12V/24V DC 5V DC 10 Amps 50 Watts 92% 64*57*22mm PDF
    3 ATOWG-1224S0515 $154.96 12V/24V DC 5V DC 15 Amps 75 Watts 93% 74*74*32mm PDF
    4 ATOWG-1224S0520 $183.48 12V/24V DC 5V DC 20 Amps 100 Watts 92% 74*74*32mm PDF
    5 ATOWG-1224S0530 $214.52 12V/24V DC 5V DC 30 Amps 150 Watts 93% 74*74*32mm PDF
    6 ATOWG-1224S0540 $247.88 12V/24V DC 5V DC 40 Amps 200 Watts 95% 100*80*39mm PDF
    7 ATOWG-1224S0550 $296.87 12V/24V DC 5V DC 50 Amps 250 Watts 91% 150*127*63mm PDF
    8 ATOWG-1224S0560 $331.56 12V/24V DC 5V DC 60 Amps 300 Watts 90% 150*127*63mm PDF
    9 ATOWG-1224S0640 $247.88 12V/24V DC 6V DC 40 Amps 200 Watts 95% 100*80*39mm PDF

    12V/24V to 3.3V DC-DC Buck Converter Model Selection

    Code Model Price Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Output Power Efficiency Size
    1 ATOZS-243.301 $44.29 12V/24V DC 3.3V DC 1 Amps 3 Watts 92% 63*32*18mm
    2 ATOZS-243.302 $44.99 12V/24V DC 3.3V DC 2 Amps 6 Watts 92% 63*32*18mm
    3 ATOZS-243.303 $45.59 12V/24V DC 3.3V DC 3 Amps 9 Watts 92% 63*32*18mm
    4 ATOZS-243.306 $47.19 12V/24V DC 3.3V DC 5 Amps 15 Watts  92% 63*32*18mm
    5 ATOZS-243.306 $49.39 12V/24V DC 3.3V DC 6 Amps 18 Watts 92% 63*32*18mm
    6 ATOZS-243.310 $50.89 12V/24V DC 3.3V DC 10 Amps 33 Watts 92% 63*32*18mm

    Note: The series of 12V/24V to 3.3V/5V/6V DC-DC buck converter models are all here, check the parameter carefully from the table and select the right converter power supply when place the order.

    3.3V DC Power Supply Applications

    ATO DC-DC buck converter can step down 12V/24V DC to 3.3V DC voltage. 3.3V DC power supply plays a vital role in modern electronic equipment and systems and is widely used in many fields, from embedded systems to Mobile devices, from communication devices to electronic toys and sensors. Its low power consumption, high performance and safety make it the power solution of choice for many design engineers.

    • Embedded systems: Many embedded systems, such as microcontrollers (MCUs), microprocessors (MPUs), and microcontrollers (such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi), usually require a 3.3V DC power supply. These systems are widely used in various industrial automation, smart homes, medical equipment and consumer electronics products due to their low power consumption and high performance.
    • Electronic equipment: Digital circuits and logic circuits often rely on 3.3V power supplies to ensure stable operation. For example, many integrated circuits (ICs), memory chips (such as EEPROM and flash memory) and other semiconductor devices use 3.3V as the operating voltage. In addition, display driver circuits and audio processors may also require this voltage.
    • Mobile devices: Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices (such as smart watches and fitness trackers) often use 3.3V power supplies due to their small size, versatile functions, and portability. This low voltage helps extend battery life and reduces heat generation.
    • Communications equipment: Wireless communication modules (such as Wi-Fi modules, Bluetooth modules, Zigbee modules, etc.) usually use 3.3V power supply. These modules are used to connect and transmit data, and are especially important in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. In addition, many network equipment and certain subsystems of communication base stations also use 3.3V power supply.
    • Electronic toys and educational tools: Many electronic toys and educational tools (such as STEM education kits, robotics kits, and programming learning tools) also rely on 3.3V power supplies. These devices must not only ensure security, but also provide sufficient functionality and interactivity with low power consumption.
    • Sensors & actuators: Many sensors (such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors) and actuators (such as servos, DC motors) use 3.3V power supply. These sensors and actuators are widely used in fields such as automatic control systems, environmental monitoring systems, and smart agriculture.

    Tips: What is a DC-DC buck converter?

    A DC-DC step down converter is an electronic device used to convert a direct current (DC) input voltage to a lower output voltage. It reduces the input voltage to the required output voltage level by controlling the switching state of switching elements (such as transistors) and using components such as inductors and capacitors. Buck converters are usually used to convert high-voltage power sources (such as batteries, power grids, etc.) into lower voltages to supply electronic devices that require lower voltages, such as mobile devices, embedded systems, communication equipment, etc. The working principle of this converter is based on the energy storage and release of the inductor, and the stability and efficiency of the output voltage are controlled by periodically adjusting the on-time and off-time of the switching element.

    Existing reviews of DC-DC Buck Converter, 12V/24V to 3.3V/5V/6V
    High quality DC-DC buck converter
    Hi, I've been looking for a 12V to 48V boost power supply and I think this one will do the trick.
    20A/960W version.
    OK, I was wondering if you had any detailed spec sheets with graphs-input V vs output voltage etc?
    Is the output voltage regulated or dependent on input voltage?
    From: Tator | Date: 23/09/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Please drop down the page, you will find the spec sheet.
    The output voltage is 48V± 1%. When the input voltage is in the range of 10-25V, and if the input voltage is too low, the output voltage will be unstable.
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